Colour Fix

Needing a colour fix!!! However the sun did not show it's cheeky little face this day, so they aren't as bright as i would like. I was up and working at 5.30am and as i watched the sun 'rise' i realised it was getting later and later... and was lighter.... but there was no distinguishable 'rise' of any sun :( MMMMmmm new GREEN shoes from a trip to the "sales" (this is the third pair i have bought in this same design, ,,,,, creature of habit? Moi?) i also bought them in red (hangs head in shame of post-christmas excess)
Learning our numbers through Hopscotch FUN on the floor in the snug.... i was much better at hopscotch than my daughter..... sorry? It wasn't a competition? oh.....

Dressed for a cold Winter walk with dog and child. FAVOURITE red Pea Coat x

Oooh and these... New Dish Cloths. An Impulse buy from an FP etsy treasury x could not resist this pack of 3. I dare not use them if you want your own.
I L O V E to shop handmade too!!! x


Amelia said...

Hello pretty laydee in red! Mwah x

Beaky said...

Hi Kirsty,

I do that all the time with clothes I like get a few in the same colour. I think if it fits really well and you really like it, why not?

Hey I have just caught on to Folksy, I see you are selling there too!

Hope you had a great Christmas and New year.
All the best for 2009,
B x

Mollimoo said...

Where did you get those shoes?! I really like them. Mmm, feel a shopping trip coming on!

Mrs B said...

hello grogeous girl, glad to hear about the piles! miss ing you soooooooooo much! x

Laura B said...

Just found your blog through knitsinternational and oh my what a lovely bright and jolly blog you have! Love your new etsy purchase, and yes too perfect to use!


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