HA! Over the next few weeks, you may notice an increase in blog posts and Flickr photos involving FELT... The FuzzyFish is born... an online 'etsy' shop dedicated to the joy and colour of that medium many of us love - FELT! mmmmmm x
Of course it had to join the FISHY empire so the name FuzzyFish was an immediate choice - a 'Fish' shop with an ironic edge (never take yourself too seriously, that is my motto)

Of course, after hours of photography, editing, felt in and out of boxes, swatch book making, listing each individual size and colour.... I am hating felt right now.
I am wondering if i took large fourth helping of Nigella's Chocolate Cake without really needing it and this could be 'theee' slice that makes me sick?

The FuzzyFish Felt shop is not going to make my fortune, i know. Tis a competetive market and many people prefer wool / wool blend felt to my 100% acrylic. But this is my felt of choice - i love it! I love the colours and i love the fabric to work with, it is a dream. And, as i buy it by the van load anyway, it seemed odd not to have an etsy shop to sell it all in too?
MMMmmmm, fuzzy, felty dreams in 24 techni-colours ... i'll introduce the new colours all separately in later blog posts ... not because I am attempting a 'hard sell' but honestly because the colours look sooooo good i love the colour fix of seeing them all on screen.

Oh, Luscious Neon fix - 80's revival - i want to play x

P.s. I owe my little Sister a huge thankyou for:
Handing me rolls of felt in the 'photographic studio' (!!)
Organising the colours and the stock control system
Making the Swatch books
Cutting all those little Fishes out
Being good company even though she had a stinking rotten cold
Working on a new shop Banner (on it's way...)
I now declare the *new* Felt shop officially......... open x


Mrs B said...

congratulations my ever busy 'Fish'! love you x I will be shopping with you, because my local has a rubbish selection of colours!! you def do not have that issue! xxxx

saraeden said...

Ooooh i think i may have to indulge my felty fetish and go look at Fuzzy fish !!
Sending you a big good luck with the new shop wish x x

Sara x

KirstyFish said...

aww thanks ladies x i'm a bit worried i have taken on too much... we'll see?

"My candle burns at both ends
It will not last the night
But oh my friends
And ah my foes
It gives a lovely light"

Blooming Felt said...

What gorgeous gorgeous colours !!!! Good luck with the new shop. Sarah x

syko kajsa said...

That looks so yummy! Good luck with your shop!

Mrs Gibson's Atelier said...

Good luck with the new fuzzy shop! It all looks so delicious.

Mrs B said...

can i just say I can't stop thinking about nigella's chocolate cake! I am soooooooo making it at the weekend! x

Jackie said...

You have amazing marketing skills!
Good luck.
The picture with the pudding hat in the previous post is fantatstic.

Laura B said...

Congratulations on the birth of fuzzyfish! I used to make my own felt by boiling shetland wool, but that was when I first graduated and then I realised life is too short! So I'm off to check out your selections mmmmmm

Cate said...

good luck with your new shop,

Cate, x

bexsbuttons said...

what lovely colours!!im hoping to treat myself to one of your creations!!hope you dont mind but i had to nominate some people for an award and as ive been admiring your stuff on folksy and on your blog i thought you seemed like a good candidate...its up on my blog
take care

pouch said...

*gives your sister a medal*
congrats on the new shop, looks fab!
I love the felt I bought from you, I have my eye on a few more colours...do you think i should make acid pink owls??

knitsational said...

Good luck with the new shop! I do love felt, no matter what the fiber content is. I guess it just brings out the child in me.

KirstyFish said...

Oh ladies - I'm having a group hug **** you could feel my fatigue here!!!
Pouch - acid pink owls screams yes to me! I didn't buy much Punk pink because i thought it wouldn't be popular (and i've already used loads - gulp)

Jo said...

Great photos! Good luck with the new shop!


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