Details of a Party...

Saturday Night was the Christmas Ball.
An annual village event with a new 'theme' each year.
This year was "Art Deco" ~ Vintage / Black / Sparkles a-go-go... Vintage Dress from Etsy.

Sepia photos to set the period feel.

Pearl and diamante necklace ~ thrifted some years back and worn, worn, worn. Suits all occasions.

Diamante Brooch ~~~ hmm, i can't remember... maybe it came on a jumper that i bought in the January Sales? but it was a long while ago now. "Sparkles"

Funny, messy, scrunchy hair clipped bed hair.

Didn't mean to repeat that photo but can't seem to get rid of it now.

Individual tables with seating plans and each table is dedicated to an Old Time Movie star.

Caterers getting the run-through from the Chef on order of table service and all that Jazz.

Evening begins and Lots of my favourite people all talking, laughing, eating (drinking!)

There was a Champagne Reception and Bellini Cocktails. There was a magician and a Live Band. There were tears and some early home time... but that is the party itself and these were just some little details xxx

Happy Christmas Parties people. December arrives....

Winter Wardrobe...

Feeling the cold.
Gloves are out.... Scarves are out...
Hats are definately out...

Wrist warming wool Gloves...

And that dress i got from ebay...

I bought it in the Summer - waiting for a colder day...

Mustard wool with a satin lining...

Winter wardrobes - i prefer them to Summer outfits. I get to wear more clothes at one time! Much greater scope for creative clothing x

Things i did today...

Some dramatic activities in, the Rock n Roll lifestyle of,.... me.
1. get on top of all the outstanding orders over the weekend and Monday when i was poorly (yet again) all apologies for any small delays. 2. Cut off the bottoms of a pair of really old Bell Bottom jeans (and wear with huge turn-ups)

3. Rush out to local Quilting shop and buy a big spool of pink thread to finish todays deadline project.

4. Get a filling in one of my toothys at the dentist... and cry like a baby whilst sat in the chair (i'm dentist-phobic. Pathetic isn't it?) Then talk funny and dribble for the next 3 hours.

5. Finish a new Brooch batch >>>> for LauraFallulah (see her shop link in my side bar) *waves at Laura*
6. Sew buttons to uber-cute knitted bow brooches. Sorry, i think these might go on the craft stall only and not in the shops.... i am in lurve with these.

7. I made up a stack of "Mini Craft Packs" ready for a small craft sale i am attending on Monday. They are sooo cute and contain felt squares, brooch bars, buttons, ribbons, template sheet, a keyfob, some 'Top Tips' from me.

I know, hold on to your seatbelts. The pace here is so frenzied!
Live, Life, Love, Craft x
p.s. i have a cool new series of posts coming throughout December, to get you feeling ultra festive.

Craft Stall Ideas...

A few more stalls from my last Christmas Fair to inspire you or to give ideas for your own craft stalls set up...
I have used lots of natural twigs - both to hang items from and to give height and interest at the back of the stall. The lovely ladies (below) made full use of the deep floor space in their rooms and had tables coming out to create a 'walk-in' area. I always think that gives a stall a nice feel. Also, the lady on the right has used tall garden trellis as a backdrop. They needed extra lights so the trellis was a great way to hang lighting and stall notices / price posters.

The stall below was just filled with stunning patchwork cushions and pillows - then they had baskets nearer the front with smaller items. They had one stall holder in front of the displays with a money belt to take monies and talk with customers.
The stall below had a stunning range of jewelery and scarves. All her display items were vintage curiosity BUT... i think a stall can be 'over-dsiplayed' or too neat making a barrier for customers as they don't feel they can 'touch' anything.
Also, in my experience, anything displayed 'behind' a stall, rarely ever sells.

There is really nothing special about the stall below. Boxes and shelves covered quickly with black / white cloths. No great thought to product placement. But this is no bad thing...The pretty stall items are bright and fun and they really display themselves. It was easy to feel you could pick up any item and touch it. Indeed, it was condusive to buying as i bought some gloves!

Stall below has high shelving with glass items on and then all the table items were easy to handle. She didn't need much in the way of extra displays as her items were all prettily packaged.

My friend below - Yvonne. Lovely lady. her stall is clear and with a wide range of display shelving. Nothing is overcrowded, everything is labelled clearly. All her stock is very well lit. Yvonne is always the first person setting up and the last person to leave. Her stall is so very professional but, if you'd like a stall like this, you need to carry alllllll these items to every fair and spend an age getting it ready. I don't have that patience!

Below, my good friend Judith. her stall is always prettily arranged and very organised with all items in one place 1) an area for candles 2) an area for bottle bags etc.... Judith has been doing the Christmas Fairs for years! what draws people to her stall? she has one combined colour theme and every mixes and matches together. Judith repeats items each year with a slightly new design so people always know that they can come and get what they wanted. Judith asks to be in the same pitch at each event so customers can find her easily....

Judith also has lovely Christmassy smelling items that make customers swoon.
We all spent much longer on these stalls (except Yvonne, who always puts in 110%) because it was a full weekend show. We get the same high number of shoppers every year and they come to buy. When everyone puts this much effort in to their stalls, it makes for a good fair xxx

It's all in the details...

A weekend Craft Fair in a very grand National Trust House - Canons Ashby, Northants.
Sooo pretty and so old! A perfect setting. Don't get me wrong though, it is still local to me and has the same feel as smaller events. It was predominantly "crafts" and the people were almost all locals. This was the backdrop to my stall, from Friday eve through to Sunday later afternoon... i know! WoW! An 'oh so very old' stone fireplace.
And i could try to photgraph the whole stall... but by doing that, i miss out the details. So craft fans, it's all in the details:
My cards at the front of the stall in a giant teacup - help yourself to my contact details and a chocolate (especially for bored little hands with faces at table height)

Baskets arranged all around my sparkling mirror Christmas Tree. Each basket stuffed with felt decorations. I did a mix and match discount thingy....

Giant bells all tumbled into a glass trifle dish. I think the dish was thrifted locally some years back. It has never seen a trifle in my house but is often used for fruit, sweets, or bells!

Mini bells interspersed with the felt decorations....

All the "Gingerbread Life" collection a sweet little basket - i think that was from my local Vintage / Antiques Bargain cellar - all priced so customers can see straight away without having to ask.
Yet another vintage item. An old wooden Apple crate - this was great to hold purses and craft packs all in an orderly fashion. Hanging the button embellished purses over the edge, just to catch your eye.

My faithful old shop dummy bust. fantastic to give height and interest to the display. Things are easier at eye level and customers can handle to brooches without worrying about delicate displays.

The overall effect - it is hard to give you a general impression but i hope i did okay? This was a whole long weekend so it was worth making a real effort with the display. Under the tables i had all my boxes to hand to replenish sold stock. Also, behind here, i had a small table with my till and my bags and pen / paper so i could keep organised.
I hope to show you a few other stalls too (when i get the photos edited) just to show you i do go round (and shop) and other stalls and i'm not completely self obsessed!
p.s. *waves* to my 'stalker' lady and her mum who travelled over from Wolverton!! i was touched and so pleased to see you :) thanks for coming all that way x
also *waves* to stranger man who made me blush by telling me he reads my blog - thanks!
and *wave* to anyone from my Fairs who has found their way to my blog. You peeps make it all seem worth while.
K x

Craft Fairs...

A word about Craft Fairs... You can keep your expensive exhibition halls, miles up the motorway, with 'Booths' costing Hundreds of pounds....

You can keep your 'terribly exclusive' designer fairs with people who think they are "People" and with their 'networking' and their "Ya, i'll email you"...
You can keep your private house parties "by invitation only" where it's all about who does what for which "chariddy darling" and where Tarquin is attending Pony Club....
Beacause really, i am happiest in a local Church with tables balanced on pews. With the WI cake stand and Beryl running the raffle and cups of tea in utility china....
I am happiest when i am local and my mum comes to help me for the day.
And i am happiest talking to other people who love crafts and want to know how my daughter is and 'people' who "don't do email" but 'could i pop that item round when i'm passing by next week...?'
I like real people and real craft fairs. It makes the day much nicer :)

*new* trim and matroyshka....

A Pink polka dot Matroyshka NeedleBook in PaperFish. I wasn't planning on making this but some things just 'happen' in my hands whilst doing something else..... And these are Mini-Flowers - too cute and now for sale in BigFish.
1 inch daisies - i have bought these for my project but i have so many.... there are a few metres for grabs in bigfish also.
Oh, i adore this ribbon, called *Vivant* YUM! i don't want to sell any because i am selfish but a girl needs to make a living.

Craft chaos at The KirstyFish house xxx


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