Jubilee Bows and Owl Trim

 uh oh, P.S
also great for cake toppers = these mini fabric bows!
Cute, no?
 I love these. They are so London and definately what 2012 is about.
A bit of pride in our Nation and all that it encompasses. A bit of support for a Monarchy - that i do believe, generates much more money for the UK in Tourism than it spends. Sorry, that is my stance on the Royals.
 And my less controversial opinion on owls.
I live in "Owl End Way" so this trim is just gorgeous in my opinion.
Promise i will blog something clever and noteworthy soon...
(Ok, like i ever have blogged anything of the sort.... but maybe some more great cooking)

Olympic & Jubilee Cake Toppers...

 Cute, Quick, Crafty... don't say i never give you anything!
These cake toppers / decorations are awesomely easy and cheap. They take little explanation...
 Cocktails sticks with stuff on - great for kids but obviously watch how sharp the tops are.
For the Flag Toppers:
I bash one of my ends on the table to blunt it slightly before it goes inside the ribbon.
Two lengths of the flag used as this will fold over on top of each other.
I used double sided tape AND a splodge of glue because they *ping* apart if u don't.
 The Felt Ball Bobble Toppers:
I used the smaller 1cm Felt Balls
Get the sharpest end of the stick - dab a bit of wet glue on.
Push and wriggle it into a felt ball as far as you can - then leave it to dry.
 I also used the red balls as Christmas Toppers for Party Sandwiches, ala Rudolph's Rednose.
It's all a bit of fun and magic :)
 Best suited to mini cakes and muffins but this half scoffed Chocolate Cake was easy to hand for display purposes!! (only?)
 You can also try chopping a few small pieces of felt and making mini flags / bunting etc... as toppers.
Kids love this as it is quick and easy to do.
My BigFish shop on etsy, is stocking this vintage style flag Trim in 3 colourways, just inacse you need some.
What are your plans?
2012 is a great opportunity for some:
Street Parties
Bake Sales
Olympic Sofa Gatherings / Couch Coaching...

Kitchen Pretties...

 AAaahhh, Spring Pretties in the Kitchen : )
I confess, there is little of excitement happening in my kitchen at present.
I am one of the *many* (i imagine) who have taken the New Year as an opportunity to lose a few extra pounds that seemed to leap on me during December...
 But the *new* all singing - all dancing - custard yellow KitcheAid is being put through it's paces.
^^^Be still my Beating Heart^^^
This was an adored Christmas Gift to me & my Kitchen and she and I have been getting to know each other.
This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
 Smoothies and chopping and batters and some future cocktails (sshhhhh...)
 And then there is the Joy... of the Tassimo...
I know, yes i do know, there is nothing simpler than boiling a kettle in order to make Oneself a hot beverage.
Buuuuut - come on, it is a tidy wee kitchen gadget that makes all sorts of drinks using little pods and pressing buttons and a wee hiss. I bloody love a kitchen gadget. "Hello Joy-ous tassimo" (in red!)
I am mostly reading HUGH at the moment and loving his Every Day book.
But, how pretty do all these pinks look sat on the Kitchen Book shelf?
Oh hurry up diet and make me stick thin.
I want:
Toast & Marmalade
Cinnamon Bagels
Pecan Fudge
Lemon Cheesecake
A whopping great Hot Chocolate finished with Squirty Cream and chocolate shavings....

Pretty Shop Items...

 Stocking the http://paperfish.etsy.com/ shop ready for the upcoming SALE DAY!!
I know i have been making PinPots and NeedleBooks for an age now,
but i really love these designs. They are good designs and so pretty
(in my humble opinion)
 I had a very calm and relaxing sewing weekend and it felt so good to make things
'just because i like them'
and not because they are ordered.
 It is so satifying to trawl through my own stash and ribbons and trims,
rather than selling stash.
And it is SO satisfying when people love these items and i know they will sit in someone elses sewing box or on their table and inspire their pure joy of creating.

 I think this PinPot in Spring Yellows and Pinks is my current Favourite.
The tags at the top of this post are so quick and easy to make.
I am selling a few packs, but really, they are not rocket science and the idea is just to inspire and encourage peeps who love crafting. Whilst the weather is a bit drizzly, it is nice to stay in indoors with a bit of cosy sewing or crochet or knitting or gluing or....
Happy 2012!
Keep an eye on the blog for Full Details of my amazing ETSY SALE DAY!


 LISTen, i know you are equally obsessed with List making as I am.
I have lists for EVERYTHING
Some are just dotted down to help me organise my thoughts
Some are actual longer-term lists i am working through...
 I have a notebook in my shopping bag that has lists of every measurement of every room in my house,
all the walls and the windows... just incase i see some bargain homeware and i need to know if something will 'fit'. You can suggest the term OCD if you want, but i won't listen.
Organisation is the key to any efficient lifestyle.
I am currently on the lookout for a huge picture frame that i can spray paint and turn into a noticeboard
(to display my lists, obviously)
House measurements and needs List
List of things to Sew for my home
List of things to buy next time i am in town
List of accomplishments i want for my business
List of phonecalls i must make and bills to pay
List of food from the supermarket today
List of improvements i need to make to all my webshops
List of new training exercises i want to try at the Gym
List of plants that might work in my garden
THAT Amazon List - you know you all have one...

Happy 2012 - go make a list!


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