Winner * Winner * Winner... of Pip Lincolne's gorgeous new book

 It is Sunday... and i was just about to walk the dog....
then i thought, i shall draw this GIVEAWAY Winner now, or it will never happen!
 So: *drum rrroooolllllll*
It is YOU Joanne - - from this place here
and Jo has 2 sons and a daughter and has been finding the time to do some very cool Christmas Crafting.
She shames us that she can find the time! Please go and see her amazing knitted NOEL letters. I am in awe of her talents.
I do not *know* Jo so it all Legit. like. But i know her now :)
Well Done my Lovely and i do wish everyone could win it though.

 And i thought i would stuff this little lot in to show you something new and wacky i made t'other week...
 It is a felt 'Paper Chain'
and i find it so amusing that my business is actually called PaperFish,
there is very VERY little to do with paper in anything i do....
Even my paperchain is felt!
This was hugely time consuming and it took me around 2 hours to complete a piece of chain barely over 2 metres long. Tcha, but it was very satisfying!
I might try some more colourways and styles.

Ya know, i have so much more to talk to you all about.
2012 is going to be so big for me. So special. i can just feel it!
And i am so grateful that people pop in, read for a bit, enter the giveaways and like sharing all this stuff too. ThankU xxx

me! in "Mollie Makes" Magazine...

 so, yeh!
I am in this Month's Christmassy Mollie Makes
There is something about the ego that loves a gentle massage and my ego is no exception.
My mum was showing the checkout operator in Sainsburys....
but i would have done the same
(if i were a real person who went to real shops and had a real life)
 My name in glorious red & white... yes, i know there are lots of other lovely crafters in here too,
just let me have my moment?
 It was a Scandi theme so everything had to be in red / white / blue type colours...
my Gingerbread Boy... ooooohhh, looking good there Fella!!
 I'll be honest, it isn't my strength really - tutorials and magazine work etc...
i am a less 'planned' type of a lady... design, make, move on - that is me.
 So, that something i did, was captured in still life, for a moment... that is pretty good for me.
A moment.
i can look away - and when i turn back, i am still there. Stopped for a moment in time.
Catalogued. Tresured.
This issue of Mollie Makes is superbly inspiring.... of course :)
I shall be drawing the WINNER of our Book competition very soon, next day or so.
Keep your eyes on teh prize for your name (maybe)
anf your eyes on the shop for these cute Christmas mini Buttons.


in Mollie Makes!!....

Win the *new* Pip Lincolne Book!!...

 Do you know Pip Lincolne? - "Meet Me at Mikes"? Australian Crafty Babe? you must do....
She is awesome.
And i was sent this Book to Review by Hardie Grant AND a copy to giveaway!!!
"Make Hey - while the sun shines"
I know!
 for FREE, to a Blog Reader.
So i nervously opened the book thinking *i hope i bloody like it or i won't want to give a copy to someone*
 Oh, my friends...
This book is pure JOY
I kid you not, it has every element i adore in my crafty books, and every element in beautiful abundance.
I want my Craft Books to be 2 things:
1. Inspirational with beautiful photography
2. Feel and Look so good, i want to keep picking it up.
funnily enough, the projects inside are of lesser importance to me.
 To start with, it wins prizes for having a Spiral Bind - seriously, more books should do this. The page stays open!! and is really pleasing to use because of that.
And the paper is like matt recycled style paper, so you want to stroke and feel the pages.
These things may seem minor, but how many of you also judge practical books by their actual 'practicality'
(it matters!)
 The projects are cute and varied with sewing and crochet and knitting and EVERYTHING :)
It gives you lots of basic tips and steps and it is written with charm and comedy, as if Pip is sat with you or you are part of secret craft club. Again, more books should do this.
 The photography.... well.
I want, want
 to be that lady below, in yellow shoes and floral dress, toting some sewing in a mad vintage case.
This book is own-able for it's awesome vintage photography and style shots alone. Let alone all the cool stuff you can make which is mostly vintage-ish but with a modern edge.
J'Adore x totally.
 When i opened it, i ignored the inside cover envelope and began with the pages themselves...
but when i came to close the book i took a quick peek at the inside pocket at the last.
I shall not even tell you what is in there.
It is a surprise for you!
 More books should do this.... seriously.
It is a charming and inspirational surprise and it makes me want to produce a whole book in this way alone.
You like my blog maybe? You probably like stuff i like then.
You'll definately love this book then.
And that is that.
 Lucky me has a copy.
But i have a second copy to give away to one happy reader!

It is such a special prize, all Christmassy and Lovely, worth nearly £20.00 RRP my chums,
please tell your friends or link it on your blog / tweet it, whatever!
i'd appreciate it...
And once you have passed this link on to a friend / tweeted / blogged whatever,
pop your name in my comments and why not tell me why you want it (or something like that)?

Love to you all,
Happy Christmas preparations my Lovlies
x x x

ahahhahaha ha - webcam hi!!

ha ha ha happy weekend!!
I had so forgotten the joy of the webcam till 20 minutes ago.
LOOK - i am a real person :)
I have to my Pip Lincolne book giveaway and not be mucking about on here,
tsk tsk

(it's me though! tee hee)

Always Last, that's me....

 Wooden Buttons!! yeah!!
A departure from my usula "brighter is better" campaign
A mix of Wooden Buttons in the shop.
 As ever, i have bought these as i have a great project in my own mind for them
(2012 projects, don't ya know)
But i love them and so they are going into the BigFish shop straight away.
 Ever obsessed, i have yet another colourway for the Button Wreath - Winter Wonderland
This is actually my Daughter's favourite so she tells me. Now, if you knew her, you'd be surprised by this!
 Ordered more Xmas Ribbons at the Last Minute too as i sold all the reels to local peeps.
I am never, NEVER organised enough - no matter how hard i try.
I really really try...
aahhhh well.
I have been to a Zumba Class today and thrown myself around like a lunatic.
Tis the perfect remedy to creative uber-energy and helps me settle to some work.
 x x x

Tomte / Tomten... warning: could be addictive!

 Some of you will be thinking "what the foolhardiness is Tomte all about?"
Some of you will be saying "oooohhh i love the Tomten!"
Think: Gnomes, Scandinavia, Nordic, small Elven folk
If you like the Moomins and the such - you'll love this colourway / this theme.
 I have just ordered this: The Tomten - Astrid Lindgren; Hardcover
She wrote Pippi Langstrumpf

and so begins yet another brief obsession.
I am going to try and dress in these colours over the Winter and fully embrace my inner Scandinavian.
**wish i had the long blonde hair and even longer legs**
Think of me in my mock Pine Cabin, as the snow gently falls, wearing my knitted Reindeer jumper
"yurder hooden janksisit faaa"
And my home thus decorated in Red, Grey & White
 NOT content with yet another Button Wreath in, yet another amazing colourway...
i decide to make myself a matching Button Bouquet for the Sitting Room.
 EEeeeeek - i was terribly happy with myself about this :)
*rosy glow*
Displaying my bouquet took a few minutes of titivating.
I had no vase small enough so i used a vintage Milk Bottle and pushed it full of matching Felt balls...
 And finished it with some snowy pom-pom trim and a big red bell.
It really is the simple things that colour a lady happy
and you'll see what  mean...
 The Balls, i have been selling in a Tomte set for a long time
and i do intend to make a matching garland with some of these - if i don't sell out already
i know it looks like i spent all day messing about in tomte world today
but i did do other things too....
 x x x

GIANT bells...! i could not resist...

 These are surprisingly large bells!
About 80mm which is well chunky and bell-y
 I have a few Silver and a few Gold so i popped them in the SnowFish shop as they are Christmassy.
So if you fancy one or two, go ahead £2.80 each
Thread a bit of ribbon through and Voila!
Add to your own project or hang as is....

This is a group on Flickr (for all those of you who do Flickr)
and it is a group / club / collection of photos using PaperFish products so we can all share and help advertise each other's gorgeous Crafts :) join the revolution!!!!

Books for your Christmas List? I have a few ideas... and if you love TEA, you'll love this...

 Hello and Welcome to Kirsty's amazing Book Review!
(*like i am on the Telly, wearing glasses that make me look clever*)
This is a gorgeous book newly published by "hardie grant"
 and just in-time for Christmas Lists and Christmas Gifts.
So here is my indepth Tea Discussion...
Do you know what breaks my heart? A Department Store restaurant where i sit, with a nasty white chipped tea pot and stained, thick rimmed tea cup. In the Tea Pot is a stale tasting tea bag on a string, the tea barely strong enough to colour the water...

Is this the end of Tea... TEA as we know it? And all the beauty that goes with it? Has the Costa Coffee generation contributed to the demise of the Tea Shoppe?

 Now Blog Friends - i know you well enough I think...
and if i tell you this book is called TEA & CAKE we need not review it any further as i have the feeling it is SOLD! on the title alone :)
It is though, a lovely book and nobody has paid me to say this to you.
 Seriously, nobody needs a book about Tea and more Recipes for Cake: we know this.
But "Tea& Cake" is really pretty and will totally inspire and indulge anyone who loves their cups of tea, their girly coffee mornings, or the odd Tea Party.
 This has to be my favourite page....
an awesome illustrative explanation to the types of tea we like!
And the illustrations are beautifully and thoughtfully done by Emma Block.
Emma Block likes "Charity Shops, Tea and very sharp pencils" so surely she is a friend of ours?
 I said to Emma: "My Blog readers and I LOVE vintage tea cups, teapots, colourful mugs... do they inspire you too?

And where did you find all the cups involved in your illustrations?"

Emma said to us: "Almost all of the tea cups in the book are mine or my granny’s. I have quite a large vintage teacup collection and I find it really helps to draw from life. I did find a few on etsy though. My grandpa is an antique silver dealer and he is very pleased that my drawings of his silver sugar tongs and caddy spoons are in the book"

 Emma, Has the British ‘Tea’ really turned into “Let’s have a milky brew, made with a bag in a mug, stood at the kitchen work surface”?

Aaah, replies Emma, "I think real tea is coming back. We’ve gotten used to expecting a bit more than a Tetley’s tea bag floating in a mug when we go to a cafe. More often we see ‘posh tea bags’ (Tea Pigs are a good example) and occasionally a loose leaf tea, which all seems to justify the ever increasing price tag of the humble cup of tea"

 I was superbly surprised to find the section on coctails in the book!!
You know i have my bookmark pinned in the page called THE NAUGHTY EARL
so this isn't all about pretty illustrations of Victoria Sponge... there are lots of tea based ideas to keep us fans inspired.
 You will really like this book i think, otherwise i wouldn't be telling you all about it.
I am keeping my copy because i am selfish but i might be buying one for my friend for Christmas (don't tell her) and then you will be itching to put out your thrifted table cloths and best mis-matched china and get the girls over for tea.... invite me won't you?
 And very soon i shall be reviewing the *new* Pip Lincolne Book
I have a copy to giveaway to a lucky Blog Friend so keep your eyes on the Blog my cosy wee Tea & Craft Fans

For the Love of Buckles n Boots

Buckles & Leather by kirstyfish
Buckles & Leather, a photo by kirstyfish on Flickr.

It *might* be my mission in life, to own as many awesome Boots as i possibly can... eeeek!

Trim Trim Trimmings! *new-ness*

 I missed Yesterdays Monday Shop Pimp Post as it was still the School Holidays and it was Hallowe'en AND we had spoooooky stuff to do!!
So, Tuesday shop pimp:
Gorgeous "Home Sweet Home" fabric trim with a cross-stitch style print.
Being sold with a complimentary Aqua grossgrain and red polka dot ribbon.
 Then, vintage style Union Jack Trims which is so very on trend and grrreat for any Olympia 2012 projects.
In this awesome green and silver and the traditional colours.
I am liking very muchly :)
 A a double Tartan treat too.
I bought these for making some Scottie Dog collars and my own Christmas wrapping.
There is so much you can do with pretty ribbons. They make me happy!
I love adding them to my patchwork cushions and lavender hearts.
You can use them for cupcake Toppers or cake decorating or on Taggie blankets or as hanging threads on decorations... oh it goes on and on and on and on....


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