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Sale Trio Spring Trims by kirstyfish
Sale Trio Spring Trims, a photo by kirstyfish on Flickr.

ALSO, i am soooo good to you, there are PRIZES to be won! Vouchers hidden in various sale bags to win shopping in my shops - that is muchos fun, no?

Cor... Whopping Buttons!!

 Getting ready for SALE DAY tomorrow and i thought it might be nice to add one or two nice new things into the deal! Cor!!! what whopping buttons - they are hewge!
 RRP £2.50 each but this set is in the Etsy shop for £8.00 this set of 4
Pewter, Pear, Raspberry and Grape
 8.5cm / 3.5inch - of awesome-ness...
 And my Scottie has a few treats to wave under your nose
(look how muddy his nose is the wee monkey)
 Thheeeee cutest set of 4 buttons - a pair of black and a pair of red approx 1inch across.
Muchos fun!
see ya tomorrow x x x 

Boring you with more SALE details...

 And it continues...
Because it is nice for you to be prepared, no? i may have nothing in the sale that you need or want?
There will be random bags of buttons that are the same and these might be 'one-offs' so first come = first serve, around £1 per bag.
 There are 1 or 2 bags of these Polka Dot Buttons. They are called Wedgewood and they are the one colour i do not stock - it is a lilacy / blue colour - drop down cost price if you fancy something different.
 There are bags of buttons that are really different and and won't be repeated...
I think i have 7 bags of these great Fuscia and Aqua Flowers to sell on.
 I have a few bags of Stars to sell, but i can't find them!! so i best seek them out...
 There are currently 6 packs of these GREEN MIX mini spot buttons.
They are great to add to your LOVE BUGS mix from the shop as we don't currently have green in the mix.
They will be £3 each, well below RRP :)
 These are in the shop already at a bargain price - limited time only
 A few bags of these great Alpha Beads - in the black & white and popsicle colours
i just adore these and i love making Brooches for children with them.
Super Cute x x x
Exciting news is... the *new* stock for March has started to arrive so it needs to get sorted and counted and bagged and priced and i can tempt you with a few new ideas.
There will be funky new buttons and the FuzzyFish shop has some great products to 'oooohhh' at later on in March...
see you on WEDNESDAY!! x

The Secret SALE Code...

Sale Trio Spring Trims by kirstyfish
Sale Trio Spring Trims, a photo by kirstyfish on Flickr.

so... when you checkout in any ETSY shop there is a spce where you can add a promotion code if you have one. Type in FREEUK and you will get free UK postage. If this mucks up do not worry !!! i will refund any genuine UK address via paypal - you will get the deal however it happens :) xxx

PinPots & NeedleBooks & PaperFish Pretties...

 These PinPots are one of the first designs i started selling on Etsy,
Crazy to think how long ago that was now!
The pride i have in my design is that i am still making and selling them today.
They are such a talking point at Craft Fairs because they are cute and tactile and bright and functional!
People like that :) I like that! and that makes me feel good about my work.
 I still love making them and mixing up the colours and patterns.
In fact... i am still using the first one i ever made!! that is my own testiment to how the quality of handmade does (or can & should) stand up to timeless use.
So, these are not in the SALE as such because i sell these at £8 ecah and that is pretty reasonable for an item that has alot of fiddly time put into them.
You can however save money because they are in the FREEUK postage offer.
So, if you have fancied a PinPot in the past but the postage bumps up the price then
WED 29. FEB - is the day to take advantage.
See all my shop feedback for very happy customers.
 NeedleBooks - again, i boast here *if i may* that the design is my own original design and has changed very little since the first one i ever made. I am most proud of these because they really work - and are so versatile with their metal bookring. I was worried the metal would rust over time and bleed into the fabrics BUT, again, i am still using one of the first NeedleBooks i ever made - years and years since.
The NeedleBooks are £11 each - that is quite a bit of money for a needle storage case but it will last you forever if you look after it and you can see the work that has gone into all the little deatils.
FREEUK postage - throughout the day.
 Mini Tags - anyone can make mini-tags and i include them in my PaperFish shop because they can inspire people to make their own cute pieces. But these are already made up for those of us who just want somebody else to be organised for us!! easy peasy and very cheap. Great to keep in a drawer for gift wrapping or use them on children's party bags etc...

PaperFish really is the heart of what i do - how i like to design and make but i have increasingly had to put this element of my business to one side. I find it really hard to make a living from my own designs. It takes a great deal of time to design, produce, market this side and i have often thought about closing the PaperFish Etsy shop.... but seriously? i think it would break my heart...
 I found myself selling supplies on Etsy not so very long after i opened PaperFish for the handmade pretties.
People were asking where i got my supplies from...
and i had taken a long time finding good supply shops and buying in bulk to reduce my cost prices.
It seemed a 'no brainer' to open the supplies shop.
Don't get me wrong though, it isn't easy to sell 'anything'!! everything has a plan / a campaign / an element of risk....
sometimes i buy stuff for me and never use it - sometimes stock arrives and i think "it won't fit with my style and ethos" so it sits in a box for months on end...
So: SALE wise - there will be a great deal of Bias Binding.
the odd Tool,
Some really obscure bits n pieces,
some tape measures maybe,
a few buttony tins...
all these pieces that i have collected but never found it easy to sell or have never got round to 'launching' as it were. I implore you to take advantage of all this that gets listed in BigFish and PaperFish.
I am selling them to make space for new items and a more cohesive supplies collection.
FREEUK postage - do quote this at checkout
And cheapo supplies....
WEDNESDAY 29. Feb - come & play on etsy
thankyou for reading my sale details - i hope there is something you can take advantage of and enjoy xxx

What's in the SALE then Kirsty?

 For the first time ever, ALL FOUR ETSY shops are participating in the sale day.
WED 29. Feb 2012 8am - 8pm
So, i am going to go through the shops and the items over the next few days if you want to get an idea of what is going to be on offer...
 Ribbons / Trims Grab Bag - hugely popular last year and these are one of the biggest value buys.
Each bag contains about 10 metres and the price per bag will be £2.20 so 22p per metre you pay.
The bags are full of great ribbons and are ideal for any sewing project, scrapbooking or even luxurious wrapping. They are in great condition and pretty colours they are just slow movers and designs i am replacing with new products.

 This is a brand *new* design that i shall be throwing into the sale just for fun!!
It will be sold at almost cost price :)
But only by the single metre so one shopper cannot snaffle the lot!
Because i want every shopper to have the opportunity to get some fun bargains. It isn't often a shop offers a sale with *new* products in too, so we want to make it worth your while.
 Most of the Ribbon Bag mixes will be changing so if there are any you like at present, they won't be there for much longer....

And big news - i LOVE this Berisford MicroDots Collection but i might stop stocking it altogether.
It is time for a big change and some really fresh new products.
 I will be offering a bag of 14 metres of this spotty dotty ribbon - 1 metre of every colour i hold.
RRP is around £10.00 for all of these and i shall be offering them to you at £7.20 per bag of 14.
A polka dot Rainbow - would be great for gift wrapping.

So even if you cannot use the FREEUK postage on sale day - you still get to grab some bargains.
I am so excited to get all this in the shop...
All usual priced products will be available whilst in stock.
So, if you want the new stock at it's full price, you can still take advantage of the FREE UK POSTAGE and pop a few things into your basket for cheapo treats.

Keep a sideways glance at the blog if you want a sneak preview of some sale Buttons...

Sale Day!! Yippeeee...

Sale Day by kirstyfish
Sale Day, a photo by kirstyfish on Flickr.

Over the next few days i will be giving you all the details you need for my big SALE DAY!!
Maybe giving you a sneak peek at a few of the very bargain sale bags and treats on offer.... watch this space!

London Calling for 2012... Full on gorgeousness in the way of Ribbons!

Awwww, i am loving these ribbons and especially in this set of 3
London is pretty cool anyway, you agree? it has vibe, history, a certain degree of "cool"
but especially so in 2012!
We have lots to get groovy about this year...
 So the BigFish store is selling various sets of these Trims in 1 metre lengths.
I am selling a few of the Union Jack colourways by the reel too and they are selling like hot cakes.
 I am thinking: Brooches and Bunting and embellishments...
cardmaking, scrapbooking...
Cake Toppers and... wrapping around our semi naked selves?
 So, London is Calling for 2012
I am quite good to you :)
hee hee x x x 

Some Vintage frippery....

 I had collected one or two (or three....) new old bits over the past few weeks
and it is only fair to share.
Two stunning new cookery pots which i am thrilled to pieces with.
Who knew that pots would be soooo pretty, they never go in the cupboard!?
 Vintage enamel (oh Lordy, i do love my enamel) WITH lids!
In proper good condition. I applaud the older generation any persons! who know how to Make Do & Mend.
A retro red and flower power deep blue - boil me happy :)
£7 each, one from the Brackley Antiques Centre and t'other from ebay....
(ebay being harder to buy from and find a bargain me feels)
 The JOY of Spring Tulips in a Syrup tin. 2 large bunches for £5.00 so mixed and matched 2 lots in 2 different rooms in the home. They lasted a good week and yes! "i'm worth it" xxx
(who else is going to buy me flowers?)
 So Bloomin chuffed to find this GIANT bread bin on ebay too.
with huge stencilled letters
it is a giant!!
And i got it for a song £8 there is stilll ebay joy to be found... sometimes.
 And (MrsB) i have found the only chair that is EVER going to fit in my tiny kitchen.
A retro stool in yummy Bloomsbury Green - it is a hit with all the kids (young and old) who find themselves pulled into the kitchen with a Tea Mug thrust in their hand and a tale to tell.... coz it spins round too and goes up and down (but don't tell my 7yr old it goes up and down, she has yet to discover this and is still obsessing with the amusing spin facility, pity please to my fraying nerves)
and with all this crazy training i am doing - the need to cook and EAT is intense.
I might kill another human being who happend to come between me and my morning pancakes right now.

p.s. i have the BIG SALE DAY coming up soon!!!
so plenty of posts about, what will be available and all the offers to get excited about.
: D

In reply to 'chaotic'... and my Thrifty Body Oil...

 In reply to 'chaotic' - helllo!!!
Well, any quality branded running gear will wick away sweat and attempt to get you warm simultaneously.
I am no expert, you understand - but my top tips are:
 - don't run in the cold unless you regularly run / workout anyway coz you might not be fit enough or have muscles that are prepared for the exertion and then you'll hurt yourself.
 - wear layers. I wear my Nike running tights for all year then i might add some 3/4 joggers over the top.
I wear my thin base layer (Helly Hansen) then layer up anything on top. I care not a fig if i look ridiculous.
 - i only run shorter circuits (that pass my car) in the cold so i can dump a layer back at the car if i need to
 - i only do runs of a few miles Max in cold weather, never set off into the countryside on a long one in the cold.
 - Wear a thin hat or a headband with ear covers and some gloves, running and thicker ones. Your hands will DIE running in cold weather.
so that is that :) or just go walking! totally exhilerating!

 Here is another top tip for cold weather.... walking, running, or sitting about:
Rubbing body oil into your skin will help maintain muscle warmth. The friction of rubbing helps stimulate the nerves and the blood circulation... the addition of oil will keep a layer on top of your skin and under your clothing adding a layer of warmth... like rubbing yourself in Whale Fat, like some cultures do.
So... i saw this amazing Clarins Body Oil that smelled DIVINE and was to cost me £36.00 for a tub.
Then i thought "hold your horses crazy lady - you can make a body oil just as good"
So, i went to the Health Store and bought: some Almond Oil (you can even get cheaper oil than this it doesn't matter) and i bought 3 essential oils that i know i love the smell of and that i knew would blend well together - Jasmine, Lav and Orange. cost approx £30.00
I played about filling half an old bottle with oil and then adding drops of essential oils till i had a combination that seemed good.
Voila.... i have been luxuriating in it ever since.
I rub this all over me before i get dressed for running and i rub it all over me at night too.

Then i made a room fragrance: using water / gin / essential oils from the same batch.
i now have 3 bottles of expensive essential oils that will last me for ages.
so, hey, there is a post fullest of Top Tips :)
 Hey Kirsty!
Where ya been? whatcha been doing?...
Well, it's like this:
 If you 'get' running and that, then you'll 'get' how exciting all this new kit is.
Headband with ear covers...
Winter Running Hat...
New Nike socks
 People at the School Gates:
"You are never running in this weather???"
ya-huh. Of course. I'm an addcit.
There is nothing more fun than running on a hugely cold day and watching your breath freeze. That cold pull on your lungs that makes you realise you are positively inviting Bronchitis.
 And weird running gloves make excellent hand puppeteering....
But, even if you don't 'get' the running, you will def. 'get'
70% off..... pure Sales joy.
And here is a cute photo of my dog.
(awwww, he is so fluffy and fuzzy and he smells nice coz i showered him and he isn't called Hamish or Jack, he is called Mr Scottie Baggins and i love him terribly even though he does misbehave somewhat - or maybe because he misbehaves somewhat and i am a sucker for a cause...)
 And i have mostly been: Running, Body Pumping, Gyming, Fat Attacking, Army Training and Dog Walking.
I know.
Because i am an addict.
But i have also been doing Union Jack stuff, in anticipation of
2012 - go GB!!!!!
So, that is that.


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