Quilting and Patchwork and Moving Home....

Sometimes life throws so many chaotic situations at you, in such a random order, that life can see unbelievably overwhelming....
 2010 has been pretty much like that for me. It is one of those years that is bringing such craziness - i pinch myself to check i am still breathing.
But i know i am tremendously lucky - as other people have entirely overwhelming lives!! i can see how my year will slowly improve.
Step.1. I am moving house.
And this is proving to be the longest move in history.
I am in the midst of clearing out and re-decorating the house into which i will move. The home must come before the new studio as i have a child who needs a safe place to feel cozy (don't we all?)
Stock is half packed in boxes and new supplies wait for their new home....
And i continue to make *new* bits and pieces as i must still earn my pennies and Craft Fairs / Internet sales cannot wait, simply because i am busy - what a "Catch22" - what a squash - what a headache.
So all my blogging ideas sit on a small shelf of my brain until a time where i am more settled and ready to chat CRAFTS with my Craft loving Cyber-Friends.
So, lucky me to be moving on and moving forward. Don't think of me this Summer taking my umpteenth trip to the recycle Centre or CarBooting... losing vital items in endless boxes and Ikea bags... cursing the Homeware stores and waiting for a sane moment when i can make curtains!!
Enjoy your children if they are off school.
Enjoy your moments of crafting when you can get them.
(if you are a customer of mine - i continue to trade and ThankU for shopping with me)

AAAAArrrggggHHHhhh - moving house!!!

Craft Exhibition - Boddington, South Northants

As promised, i took a few photos of my display at the Art & Craft exhibition over the weekend.
It was a really long weekend - 10am till 4pm on both days, which is exhausting but it means i can put up a really nice display... which i enjoy!

The above 2 are quilts that i have made recently. The floral extravaganza is made from 14 different Cath Kidston fabrics. It is available in PaperFish.etsy.com and will be in my *new* shop http://www.lovepaperfish.com/
The animal baby boy Cot Quilt was a real success.

On the wall at the back here - i displayed the quilt i am currently making for my daughter. I had alot of nice comments and chats with craft and fabric fans - about colour choices and getting projects 'finished'!
I used lots of my vintage homewares and a pot of yellow Gerberas to help make my display stand ZING!
These are also new... The above are 12 scallop pennants i call "Artisan Bunting" with each scallop a different mix of linens with hand embroidered and machine stitched embellishments. These were really popular and i have plans to make many more. They are designed for the grown-up bunting and craft lover, to hang on shelves or on a mantlepiece. I am so proud of these and can't wait to develop this idea.
I hung mixed bunting all across the ehibition room too. It was a real 'country fair' english shabby feel and the reactions from the public was so much fun. Sometimes when i sit and 'make' in isolation i worry that people won't enjoy the same things that i do. It is a great feeling to get positive reactions and sales. Also to chat with people who always supply me with new ideas (Thanks Juliet for the Pockets Thing!) 
Vintage suitcases to add height and interest and because i love them and because i can carry my products easily in suitcases. I sold many lavender cushions which was such a compliment.

I also put out books and magazines and freebies on the stall to help engage people in conversation aswell as set 'the scene'..... i even sold some Christmas Decorations this weekend! i apologised for my prematurity but customers were easy to forgive me and liked to see what new Christmas 2010 stock is on it's way.....
Mini Lavender and Clove cushions with off-cuts of Cath Kidston fabrics... the smell!

And i had a small area to sell some supplies were i put a portfolio of me and my work and also displayed my sketch book and all the craft artciles i have written.
All in all it was fun. I took some money and people loved their 'finds'. I chatted much about sewing and crafts and patchwork and .... ahhh, so much other stuff.
Thanks for looking - hope it inspires you a bit xxx

What are you doing THIS weekend?

You *might* not be into football or Motor Racing...
You might even live close-ish to Upper Boddington (a small village halfway between Banbury and Southam)
You might want to come to the Boddington School Art Exhibition?
I think there will be children's art aswell as amateur and professional artists - Korky Paul - some crafters
AND ME!!!!

Cool - so come along? I won't have all my supplies for sale although there will be buttons and felt packs and bits like that.... but there will be yummy quilts and lavender cushions and bunting and brooches
See you there?

Church Road

Upper Boddington



NN11 6DL
(i'll blog it for those of you in Manchester, Scotland, Germany.... )


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