Is this a step too far....?

Regular or Occasional visitors to my little blog world, may have already realised....
I have alot of creative energy. I have excess creativity that really needs to be released in some form or another... daily.
The MUCHOS snow we have at present has made my SmallFish and i, fairly housebound.
We have done all that 'snow stuff' and have been raipidly running out of things to say / do to each other.

There was only one thing left that we could do now... that would really test our powers of craziness....

and that was: to make and ice and decorate a HEWGE batch of Cinnamon Cookies and bag them up and take them round to all the houses in our 'close' in a very "Merry Christmas" sort of a way.

Dog - obviously overseeing the entire venture.
Wine - well, my car isn't going anywhere is it?

I confess, that one or two 'favoured' neighbours had a bigger Cinnamon Christmas Tree.

In fact my Late Nanna's friend next door (Frieda) had a giant tree cookie, a bottle of sherry and a book!
Oh sparkley, sugary, colourful sweet goodness.
There is everything that is utterly gorgeous about my daughter, at the age of 6, stood with her sticky fingers and Christmas Good Will, all wrapped up in these cookies.

Curse us if you want for being silly, Christmas Camp, giggly and terribly smug about our Christmas cheeriness, but truly - it has been days stuck indoors and there is a limit... yes there IS a limit, to the amount of goodies a single young lady should eat in one day.

So, off we trotted, in our snow boots and pom-pom hats, spreading the word - and the word is

We did also make a crazy pom-pom felt bead lightpull for the bathroom.
But it isn't working very well and needs a re-evaluation.

Wish you had all been my neighbours xx
I shall send you all *cosmic* cookies and warm hugs.
Love to you all!

Merry Christmas xxx

Vintage Haul and Sparkles...

 I must just alert any *button lovers* to the new sparkle buttons in BigFish
They are $6.90 for a set of 60 - £4.00 to the UK - what a sparkley Christmas bargain?
But that is not the best bit of todays post.... oh no, there is more.
 This is my HIGHLY exciting find from the Thrifty empire 'Help the Aged' - an awesome set of teeny tiny glasses.
Having made loads of Schnapps, Raspberry Vodka, Damson Gin etc... over the Summer / Fall, i was desperately happy to find these. They will be the perfect serving vessel.
 They really are much teeny tinier than seen here...
Cheers to you all xxx
 Now, i know you have stripe envy here. Don't deny it.
A lime and white large stripey 'Bread Tin' (that store Crisps in it right now)
 It would be wrong of me to suggest i 'found' this. It was spied 'just as i was approaching the counter' - one of those WOWZER moments, seen from the corner of my eye - at the local Antiques Centre. But it was well under priced in my opinion. It had to come and live with me - it begged!
 No, i did not need a blue topped Maple Syrup Jug. Syrup pours easily from a glass bottle over our pancackes.... but just look at it! I had to have it (from the same Antiques Centre £5, not bad) as there was this dramatic moment where my MUM saw a Christmas Teapot before me, and it was stunning (Sadler) and i wanted it. But i am nice(ish) and she has wanted a Christmas Teapot for years, so i stood down and let her have it.
This was my consolation prize.
I am beyond GOOD.
Indeed, found.
Poole Pottery Mushroom pot that now contains my onions.
Found in a Car Boot box.
But even my vintage Haul is not the BEST BIT of todays post.
Oh No, there is more....
Today is the last day of term!
I get the little Peanut home for 2 and a half weeks.

This post has been about Vintage Hauls and Sparkles, shaded with pure happiness at our last breakfast on a school day -
Now, i must dash as the snow is pummeling down here and i think i am going to collect the child early, for fear she cannot be found later (due to heavy snow fall) we are rural people - RURAL!

OH NO! The time has come....

 Friends, Crafters, CountryFolk.... The time has come....
I have tried so hard to avoid this. I never wanted to do it again. BUT needs must.

I have joined the Rat Race.
I have become a  *gulp*  C O M M U T E R
 Bleary eyed morning coffee
trying to get dressed appropriately for the.... Office
what will my colleagues be like?
packing my bags
searching for keys
 And finally, i am ready... to take those first steps.
Those few steps....

hang on a minute.
There are only about 5 steps. and who left all that rubbish outside?
 Welcome to:
The PaperFish Industries HEAD QUARTERS!
The Hub - the epicentre
 I have SO very much more to do to my office in order to make it cosy and creative.
But at least, i am here. i am working from the new building and 'pretty much' all boxes and bags and rolls and jars are in here... somewhere.

Witness the feat of engineering that IS the CUTTING TABLE
An amazing assortment of pieces that allows precision cutting of felt, fabric and ribbons
(thanks DadFish)
 View from the office window isn't bad i guess.... very handy to have a Bay Tree right outside.
 There is almost a sense of order to the place
and i must say, my colleagues are very quiet and the coffee is superb.
 I shall keep you informed of the next developments in operation "PaperFish Commute"
but, until then, i must leave you.
I now work in an office....
Although i *might* pop home for lunch
(or to the pub)

Christmas Bits n Bobs...

 'Bits n Bobs' is sort of how it feels at this stage.
My last 2 small Christmas Fairs this weekend, but i haven't much left to sell.
Instead of whipping up lots of new stock for the last 2 weeks - i have saved some creative energies for my own Christmas needs / wants.
 I have whipped up some 'Man' stockings. Mostly as gifts but there is one Tartan Stocking in the etsy shop. Tartan is getting the big 'thumbs up' from me as "Christmas Decor"...
But, before Ali and MrsB (and the rest of the Clans) tear me limb from limb: I do KNOW that tartan is important with history and stories to them....
Forgive me, i am not Scottish. I just enjoy its richness and warmth and, as a English Woman, it speaks volumes about the Christmas sentiment to me.
 This Tartan bunting was whipped up using some larger scraps left over.
I have made some Tartan bunting for my house and my sister-in-laws but there are 2 available in the SnowFish shop, just as a tester for some 2011 projects.
 There is so much comfort and joy (oh Tidings of,) in re-discovering the Decorations.
Naturally, all things have changed for me this year. A new home brings a virgin Christmas and it is our time to make some new stories and new traditions.
But i am a lady who relishes the new and untraditional so i am happy to carry my stories wherever i lay my hat.
 Giant bells, pom-poms, cherry blossom tree, Felt chains and Tartan bunting.
Bring it on! I'll do it my way.
 Merry festivities One and All....
Nearly there MrsB.... looking forward to the Yule Cheer.
I think friendship and family are the finest finishing touch to any Christmas Trimmings.

I have gone CRAZY for Ribbons!

 I just love Ribbons. I'm not sure what i am even going to use all these for?
 Bias Binding, mmmmmm!
 Of course, various collections are available to the *General Public* online - but i bought them as i had a sudden fetish and NEEEEEED for trimmings. I love how versatile a good quality ribbon can be. So many uses and occasions.
 I swear, i could not live without this purple square design. Just awesome.
 Christmas Skinny ribbons - now these i do have real plans for! They are yumcious. They excite me.
 If you do want ribbons... then the best way to buy is a 'Random Mixed Bag' (Etsy or Folksy) as you can then let your surprise bag inform and inspire you instead of buying 'carefully planned ribbons in a very grown-up sensible sort of way'.
And you can order complete REELS from me if you need muchos ribbony love.
 Reindeer footprints anyone?   How cute is that!?!
OR.... save yourself a few quid and just stare at these ribbony trim-ish photographs of mine. Equally as satisfying and easier on ones bank balance.
What is it about Crafting that makes me happy to get up in the mornings?

Quick Christmas / Party Garlands.... to make!

 One of the lovely things about this quick and easy garland is, you can make it as a family. Anything that gets cut up and can fit through a sewing machine, can be sewn into this garland.
Even fat handed burly men can join in this activity!

Just cut up any scraps you have around: Felt, fabrics, ribbons, lace.... i tied a few bells onto ribbons to add to the pile of scraps.
 I pre-iron my shop bought Bias Bind and then just keep adding random additions to the bind - with a small gap between each. The gap doesn't have to be uniform at all....nothing about this garland needs to be uniform or precise. It is probably best if you just allow your children to hand you whatever they feel should go on next as that childhood chaos is usually more creative than our own adult restrictiveness. 
 I measured this length to fit a particular space i had in mund for my home festivities but you can just make it any length and hang it where you feel it fits.
Also - you can colour theme it, if you are having a special 'colour theme' Xmas?
I made this garland with anything i had in my studio and i have since decided to save it for a Spring Party. And, now i know this garland works and looks ace, i am making red and white for my Christmas Dining Area.
 It is a poor photo - i was too eager to show you how it looked to wait for better light. But.... i love it!

You can buy awesome handmade Bias from here
I have used this for another project and i love it.
 I also plan to stock a little bit of Bias in BigFish - but not much and not as lovely as the above stuff.
 NeedleBooks are being replenished and i hope to have a big fat stack of new designs ready for January. Feel free to suggest any designs that you think would be popular. I tend to go all girly and Matroyshka-like... i need to break habits for 2011.
 And Fabric Yearning, mmmm....
Loving the Cath Kidston stash *strokes it* gorgeous plans for some huge floor cushions for my daughters bedroom... some bunting.... maybe some bags.....

I am full of ideas and inspiration for 2011.
I have loved the Christmas Retail rush (now it is over for me) sold out of most decorations and Christmas Bunting.  Just enough time to sew some awesome gifts for my family.
No rest for the (super) wicked xxx

make a garland.....!

It's all kinda HipHipHooray and BooooSucks, at the same time....

 So, it is a Joyous occasion when we begin to get the decorations out and start to fill the house with Christmas Cheer. I am happy with our new Cherry Blossom Tree, utterly untraditional but the colour of those lights is spectacular.
 Tonight, i am mulling the wine and we are hanging the decorations (as we ran out of steam last night!)
 Loving Cath Kidston vintage Xmas designs this year - just dreamy :)

And then.......
the bad bits...........
I send out HUGE apologies to customers far and wide for delayed and lost packages.
There is simply nothing i can do.
I pride myself on 24hr postage and it is something i feel is really valued by my customers.
Many of you have been waiting weeks - some parcels have never arrived and i have had to send secondary parcels out. This isn't even restricted to my worldwide customers... it is UK too.
Shame on you UK Post Office Services.

So, i bite the bullet and order my treasured item via courier - paying extra for the privalige.
(see photo above)
They decide to leave the item smashed in my porchway. Despite the heavy duty wrapping over it - the box it is in, and the huge sign on the outside saying "fragile - glass"

HipHipHooray and BooSucks.
What's a girl to do?


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