There must be an Angel....

OOOOhhhhh, *squeak*
I have finally finished off the button feet on my Angels
And managed to list them in the shop (SnowFish)
 There are, currently, these 4 different designs.... well, the same Angels but with different dresses.
A Vintage Liberty Print front (love, love, love this fabric)
Plus a Ditsy Lilac, a Vintage Lace and a Tilda Pink
 There is alot of detail in these and fiddly hand sewing / embroidery bits so they take a bit of time.
I try and make them in batches so as to be a little efficient.
 They are in the shop so soooon before Christmas as i had a customer request for some but i already sold a few! (you know who you are) so i am thinking i might need to get some more sewing time?
Jo is counting buttons for me.
Alison is sewing some trees and bunting for me.
I've got PaFish ordering Mailers and an Office Chair.... as i type.
It is like Canary Wharf here, Man!

Dear Ebay Seller...

 What made you think that, a thin layer of bubblewrap
and a plastic bag
was adequate postal wrapping
for porcelain bowls?????
 I was soooooo looking forward to these pretty china bowls.
I was so excited to find them, win them and receive them.
What made you think you could post them
with no padding and no box?
ANOTHER disappointing Ebay *uck up.

Kokka Matroyshka Fabric *new*

 To LIVE for fabric - in 2 different colourways. Pink and Linen.
Cotton Japanese imported fabric with the prettiest wee Babushka dolls on.
It is a heavier cotton, more like interior weight fabric but not quite.
 I have such a long list of things to make with this fabric - because they are such small dolls they will suit so many projects.... covering buttons, making bunting, cushions....
*please Lord, a few more hours in my day, tis all i ask for*
see all my fabrics in
 A random bag of Shank buttons to go in the ETSY BigFish shop. These are a rare lot so get them now if you need them. If not, ignore me.
 There are also the last packs of the CATH KIDSTON fabric stacks left in the LovePaperFish store.
Great value and awesome for making Summer Bunting with or smaller projects for your home.
And... there are 6 bags of Felt Scrap Bags going into the ETSY FuzzyFish shop.
Bargain priced at £2.50.
Mixed scraps but quite large this time - at least 5inch squares for most pieces.
Just having a tidy up and a clear out here.
Don't forget to look out for CraftSeller Magazine too!

Craft Seller Magazine - Issue1

 There is another *new* Craft Magazine on the shelves - yipppeeee.
I have to say, i do like it.
Unlike some others, Making / Mollie Makes it isn't all interiors photography and posh paper type 'coffee table magazine'.... this is commercial and informative. Full of different things to make AND.....
full of information on how to sell your crafts.
 Free stickers with this Issue - very sweet.
This Mag will appeal to those of us (like me) who have a really broad Crafty interest. Lots of step-by-step projects. Lots of good advice and tips. Lots of links to cool websites and blogs... It chats to lots of people, REAL people!! who live, craft, work in this eclectic Craft World. And i like 'real-ness'.
 I was sent a copy by the very friendly 'Alice' as looksee.... there are my Felt Balls from the shop . Thanks Alice!
 And, whilst i am uploading some photographs, here are two new mixes for the BigFish shop.
"Eat Me" - the new and improved mix of everything green: Lime, Elderflower, Emerald, Pine and Teal.
Citrus Sublime: All the sour flavas: Lime and Lemon, plus Orange and lots of fun shapes and patterns included. Exclusive Button Mixes - from Me! for you xxx
 - Go buy Issue1 before the next issue is out... it's a good one!

My Life is a list of Jobs, to be Ticked Off...

 Want to make your own Bias Binding? Cool, no?
I have just 3 of each two sizes in the BIGFISH shop on Etsy.
3 of the 1inch and 3 of the half inch makers.
Get them whilst you can!
 Stealing bits of time to have tea with friends - and this is a milky brew for my girl!
Gotta make time for the important people...
 Generally just jobs, jobs, jobs
 - Paying out cheques
 - Organising invoices
 - Deliveries
 - Emails
 - Fairs and Form Filling... it is endless (or so it seems)

 I work and work and work
(and run and walk and sleep)
 "Alison...????" *Kirsty Hollers across the County* "Delivery is here"
Must unpack and organise....
OOOpppps, MUST order that new sewing machine (have fallen out with my Brother)
I wonder how my Mum got on earlier, booking that Holiday Cottage in Totnes?
I need it. xxx


 I spent ages doing up an old Dolls House once.
My dad gave me a tall work bench in his garage... actually that bench is now my studio cutting table.
But buying and making the miniature items to go in the Dolls House, was really the best bit.
 And i think that is the joy i find in making my NeedleBooks.
I like the technical solution to a problem: using the Eyelets and Bookring to secure the pages.
But really i like the mini-scene on the front of each design.
 I enjoy the colours and the trims and the spotty tags...
Putting the colours together and working out what looks pretty.
It's just aesthetics.
Sunday was quiet (SmallFish wasn't here)
so i sewed NeedleBooks. I walked the dog (several times. He has too much energy for One with such short legs) and i did some gardening - you can't even call it 'weeding' as these weeds pulled ME!
Hewwwge buggers.
I sold my car - and will soon have no transport.
I popped the new NeedleBooks into the shop
and they will be there until somebody who likes Mini-things, decides they'd like a NeedleBook like what i make.
That is that.

You need this in your life...

You need this in your life... by kirstyfish

You need this in your life..., a photo by kirstyfish on Flickr.
Do you hear me MrsB??? (especially good after training)
Currently on special offer in many reputable retail outlets. I water mine down with Fizzy Water.
You (well me at least)

Christine has a Giveaway...

 Pockets of News....
Yummy above PinPuff is For Sale sold in
Very Cute - with the weeny buttons and Flower on top.
 Re-shooting some of my products over the next few weeks and these sets of Gingham Ribbons have been re-shot for the shops. Still at a Bargain price whilst all other Trims seem to be shooting up in cost.
And here is a link to Christine - who has achieved 52 Crafts in 52 Weeks
So, go browse her blog and enter her competition why not?
I have some ordering to do today,
a car to sell,
a dog - walked!
shopping to get...

He can Run...

 For those who are interested in the Life and Loves of me n my dog...
He can run!
Despite his very short legs - he is keen. He ran 3 miles today.
 I didn't want to push him too hard ya know, but i think, with training, he could do a few runs with me.
Not the big runs though...
He still hasn't been off the lead but we are getting used to our life.
He's so much fun!
 He does keep putting his nose into my laces though, whilst i'm trying to get my Runners on.
Do you think he wants a pair? (or two?)
 He is also a keen gardener - hurrah!
Not too much digging up of existing plants, thus far (fingers crossed)
But he enjoyed our late night Potting Session....
 Bringing the Tomatos on - i'm potting up a but late on these but i hope to get the fruit for longer and later. We'll see how it goes.
There is a *bit* of an unspoken competition going on between PaFish, BroFish, SisFish and myself, on the tomato front. I did mine from seed and i *think* they bought plants. So i am a bit behind anyway.
Besides, i have a secret weapon.... SmallFish has the greenest of fingers!
 The Rosemary was potted as opposed to 'bedded' as it can get so wild and woody in a plot.
I may transplant it, when i get my bedding sorted.
I have a herb bed planned but i bet it won't see 2011....
 The Rocket and lettuces have gone straight into the outdoor tray without any Greenhouse time.
I have high hopes that they will sprout now the weather seems continually warmer.
If in abundance, i shall be swapping some of this for BroFish's Peas or a cauliflower.
 Elderflower Cordial = done
 Elderflower and Pear Cordial = needing to be done
Bring on the Brambles! I have feeling they too will be Early this year.
Come on Boy, get yourself a drink.
That won't be your last ever 5k mate!
xxx *is in love with dog* xxx

Lazy Friendships...

PinPuff by kirstyfish
PinPuff, a photo by kirstyfish on Flickr.

I declare, i would love it if all my bestest friends had Blogs, that they updated daily (let them off a day here and there).
I'm so fascinated by what my friends do all day, what they think about, what they get passionate about (especially Crafting, Sewing, Running, Yoga....)
It would be a sort of 'Lazy Friendship' perhaps, but i yearn to see their world in photos....

Me n' Him...

 That's me.
New Dress :)  Loving the mass of cotton and crazy TieDye.
Feeling Over Tired but sort of serene.
 Crazy hair - 3 months since it was last cut.
*must take better care of Oneself*
 ...and that's Him.
(he is sat at my feet as i type)
 Who'dve thunk it - me living with another Boy!
I had said "Never Again" (to another Boy, not a dog)
 Welcome Scottie!
(We didn't name him, The Dog's Trust did.
It seemed cruel to change it, even if it is a naff name for a Scottie Dog)
There he is, hiding in his 'Safe Place' because little dogs need a refuge.
Much like their Grown Up owners...
We all need a little Snuggle Space now and then.


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