Welcome 2009...

Goodbye 2008 and Hello brand new year!
I have had a colourful and chaotic year... it has been wonderful in every way. Most of my thankyou's and smiles belong to those i have met through 'etsy' x some fantastic and hilarious customers who have made me smile and I am very glad to have met. Your custom has been much appreciated and you've made me enjoy my work.
Of course the 'etsy ladies' too who have been great support, fantastic friends and, generally, a life support service over the latter 2009. I never thought i'd be friends with such talented artists and designers and I am proud to say 'She's my friend' x

In my CRAFTY life, i would like to say: 2009 is full of plans and new products and business development and..... but i would be lying! My shops, my products, my creativity, they are all spur of the moment and immediate inspirations and idea. So far, i have new PinPots and NeedleBooks in the work room. I have a few new button collections and i have alot of tiding up to do!!

I do have the NEW FELT SHOP on it's way in early 2009 though! That is a plan huh? I am not really looking forward to the photography of 24 new colours and 50 new shop listings. That will be satisfying when complete but a little tiring in its process....
This photo is me right at the beginning of 2008 - so much moved for me throughout the year and i have enjoyed sharing much of it with you all.

Have a safe New Year and i will see you in 2009. A quiet move into a new crafting year with so much to look back on and so much to look forward to still....
P.s. Button LOVE - you know how much i L O V E buttons right??? Guess what i made my Mum dress as for her New Year party..... BUTTONS! (the Panto heroine) x

What's new KFish?

New Year... a few new crafty products...
Firstly my Matroyshka 'squashy' broorch that has been waiting to be listed in the PaperFish store for agggeeesss but i was busy... (other colourways also available HERE) A positive plethora of new PinPots to be arriving slowly into the New Year...

Oooh, new fabrics to play with x but these are for me not you (sorry x)

And my new 'Juicy Pup' NeedleBook - totally in love with the new tropical colourways of the needlebooks and especially using the cute Dachsund puppy fabric (dog lovers unite here)
And another BUTTON option that has been ready for listing for so long. Forgive my tardy nature but they are HERE now x

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays x x x

Closing the door for a few days - putting my feet up and having a drink... Thankyou MrsB for my lovely wreath x i raise a glass to you, your family, your generosity, and friendship x
And i end with one of my favourite photos of my year - yep, TheFish is snogging that poor child AGAIN! x Merry Christmas everybody x

Why i love Nigella x

My beloved 'Nigella' (Lawson - the TV personality and Recipe Book writer for the Un-initiated)
She gets a bad press by some but i want to tell you why i love her...
My Christmas Party - held yesterday - at my house, i sooo wish you all could have come. Nigella made hosting a small Christmas gathering SO much pleasure.

Mini Christmas pudding truffles, individually decorated by my sister, my daughter, my man and me. So much fun and they look gorgeous x a crafters dream cookery project. MMMmmm licking the chocolate bowl (even the dog got in on this action)

Peanut Butter mini-cupckaes x my younger Sister (BabyFish) has just returned from 12 Months travelling the world. What better way to catch up than spending the afternoon on cups of tea and making chocolates from Nigella's Christmas Book? It was pure JOY.

BabyFish fiddling with the mini-holly decoration on 48 individual puddings. I don't care if Nigella pouts at the camera or *eats cold left-overs during a nightine fridge raid* (or only does that for the camera)
Nigella doesn't make me feel inadequate or envious. She is a joy to watch and her books are a joy to cook and bake from. I love to feed my family and my friends and Nigella knows really that the 'event' and the people are far more important than the food.
Drinking, eating, talking, laughing, creating... these are things that i see Nigella promoting and these are the things that make me happy too.

Nigella's Christmas Chutney.... mmmmm x she maybe very Middle-class, she even be Upper-class, i don't really know. I just love her class-i-ness.
My friend MrsB really does get the bus or walk to her supermarket WITH 2 babies under 3 and she cooks and entertains Nigella with so much style! (Click HERE to see MrsB loving Nigella)

Dressing the table in OOOodddles of my Christmas crockery all thrifted and Sale found throughout the years.

SO, Merry Christmas!
Don't *hate* Nigella x love her for what she stands for...
Camp creativity, eating, taking life with a pinch of sugar, entertaining, eating, laughing, creating and generally putting in a little bit more effort than your local McDonalds could offer.

Cheers x

I *had* to Blog a bit of Christmas...

CheeseFish!!! check that smile - very proud of her advent calender (all handmade and Mummy wrapped gifts each day x) Fluffy Balls - my favourite...
My windows - i love white and silver with red and white ribbons... my whole tree is white, silver and red, mmmmm x

Welcome! As it says at my back door (you know a good friend when they come straight to your back door) Still in love with my Christmas mini-bunting x it dresses the house so easily and quickly AND you get decorations 'inside' and 'outside' if they are hung in windows.

Not handmade, but grandma bought it for ToddleFish and we added the ribbon (mmm red polka dots)

To me - THIS is Christmas x Chubby hand of a 4yr old holding the silver wrapper of her chocolate coins gobbled from this mornings advent calender. It is so much more fun with children (as KIRSTY WISEMAN might agree)

OOOhhhh i LUFFS my santa man x bought last year from Kirsty Southam - before her great etsy shop >>>> gets your HERE x

SO ...... Merry Christmas, from my house to yours x
MrsB - so wish you were coming over for fine food and wine x

Weekend Lovin x

Part 2 of our Manchester 'crafting' weekend... So, my little girl got given her very own mixing bowl and accessories by our GORGEOUS friends x how happy is the ToddleFish?!
My very own Christmas gifts from MrsB... mmmm chocolates!

Look at the box!! You just know i will own this (empty) box till I am an old lady. How perfect? How well does she know me?

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she won-der-ful.... pretty MrsB sat with her yummy Christmas teapot... Hair to die for, the cutest pair of flared jeans, a fantastically huge Christmas Tree.

I ADORE this knitting ball wreath she made for their front door. I want one so badly - the *want* shames me :(

And ToddleFish at the hotel in front of the hheewwwgggeee New York style Christmas Tree...

Christmassy Chutney - in large vat size (no smaller jars available) gifted to my friends.
I am so lucky to know so many crafty, pretty, exciting people X
Thankyou FamilyB for a great day - see you in the Wintery New Year...


I bought Gocco cards: from HIM And...Teddycat!!! from HERE

And i cannot wait to show you the photos of my crafty friend MrsB..... x

hahaha - meet Sally x

Me and Sally at the Whitworth Art Gallery - Manchester Mafia Craft Fair!!
She told me "That will come out blurry" - Sally is just so darn CAPABLE! and organised and clever and ...tiny! I expected someone soooo tall and this little Dachsund ran up to me and gave me the cutest cuddle, i was smitten x
The ManFish and ToddleFish standing outside - phew, what a building! gorgeous x
Sally serving customers: Sallyent

GreyGoat - you know fantastic silky knickers and scarf tops (my friend Toni is maybe buying one in the near future...)

Lady who uses lots of 'Harris Tweed' - saving up for her trip to Marrakesh (I've been to Marrakesh actually, it is amazing - i back packed Morocco in my heady youth)

Crazy Button lady who was wearing a lovely colourful skirt and tights. I liked her stall... well it was buttons!!!!

Megan Price and hubby / partner - she is a stunner! What a corker. Stylish and uber-sexy. I bought some Gocco print cards from the Man - Mr, MrP.S!

Naturally i had a coffee or 2 but i was in a rush because i wanted to spend time with my lovely friend Antonia and family..... x What a well presented fair x Nice to kiss you Sally x

OOohhhh an interview with me in this blog x thanks Pouch... now i read it through, i didn't give much away did i? Sorry it seems brief x and i totally support ec0-friendliness. Most of my supplies are fairtrade / ethical sourced. I also sell fairtrade scarves / bags on my little travelling craft stall.

I love your re-working of lush fabrics Lady!

Pin Pot Painting x


Why do they let me loose on the webcam? Notice i 'do it' alone, at night, so no-one can restrain me!

I am practising really for some ideas planned for 2009 x thankyou for indulging me :)

P.S see you at the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester on Sunday people - see the SALLY link on the right hand side!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

P.S 1,226 'official' items i have sold through etsy to date! wow.... thankyou everybody x

Jingle Bells and Stash

Pretty Bells from Paperchase
(High Street addiction, forgive me? i need a regular fix of Borders bookshop with it's Cafe and Paperchase and late night opening...)
More Matroyshka for Brooches and needlebooks...
More Tea Cup fabric this time in Hot Chocolate...
New curious vintage button linen...
THE cutest blue-bird fabric...

More bells...

And THIS photo, I love! i might get made into Christmas postcards for next year.
Why am I planning Christmas 2009 already??? >>>>>


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