A Burst of Button Brooches

A Burst of Button Brooches by kirstyfish
A Burst of Button Brooches, a photo by kirstyfish on Flickr.

Listed a few Button Brooches in my http://PaperFish.etsy.com shop. I had a mad making session the other week and decided all buttons needed to become brooches. This photo is/was particularly satisfying.

Now i am tired. Rock n Roll bedtime of 9:06pm

Liberty-esque & Fruity Florals...

 Aaaah, so pretty! These have a Liberty feel print to the topside in lilacy / blue / pink.
They have been in the shop for about 12 hours and have already proven to be very popular. Available in bags of 10 or 50 (nothing in bewtween, you know how extreme i am)
 Fruity floral, 4 hole wooden buttons. Approx. 2cm so a nice size. These are far more tropical than the Liberty-esque design.
 And there is also this lot for selling in the HARDWARE section of http://www.lovepaperfish.com/
I wanted a load of brooch bars for some buttony creations i am completing, but then.... i saw these Kilt Pins.
I was needing them too.
I am desperate to make a huge wacky brooch with balls and buttons and beads and charms.
I love how versatile this finding is *creative explosion*
 I had been making elasticated rings with my daughter, just for fun but there are also bags of silver coloured rings in the LPF shop (HARDWARE section) as they do look a great deal more professional. They are adjustable sizing too.
 Busy, as always...
does your creative area look somewhat like this?
I have been making Button Stems for a Wedding so it is all a mess. I need lots of buttons out for Bouquets and stems as the best bit is playing with and choosing the buttons :)
And i shall not be secretive, i shall show all the buttony stems and goodness when i get the photos off my camera!
Don't mourn the loss of sunshine my darlings - it will return xxx

P.S giveaway News...

Felt Flowers by kirstyfish
Felt Flowers, a photo by kirstyfish on Flickr.
I am playing with new images for some postcards and all that BUT what i wanted to P.S you all is this:
My old pal Sally is giving away a copy of Selvedge magazine.
Just dandy x go see... and maybe win!


 Egad.... byJinks.... crikey love...
Laptop broke - Enforced Cyber break! but that is a story for another day.
Child has a birthday disco tomorrow. It has been chaos!
But listen, MrsB arrives in about an hour so all will be well.
 The sun has been shining, neigh.... burning for days / weeks even, and life seems somewhat sleepy right now. Maybe that's the exhaustion talking?
 Felt flowers - yes sireeee.
Available in Strawberry & Lime at present - FuzzyFish.etsy.com
They will find their way into LovePaperFish, maybe, when the Little Ones get back to school and the sun gives in to the inevitable pregnant rain clouds.
I popped the first few FELTY FLOWERS into my new webshop:
 More importantly, i have been having fun making them into brooches and into stems for a felty, floral bouquet. So quick and easy. Cheating really. Taking the skill out of crafting. But not the fun! As i am someone who does not feel the need to SLAVE hours over a handmade project - i can feel quite satisfied with a quick n easy too.
Cannot wait to get back to blogging - to putting lots of new things into the shops - to tell you all about the crafty plans i have in my pocket.
It is allll good people.
Happy Eggs! and Happy Sunshine!

Nice Stuff... Crafty Joy... Visual Treats...

 EEEEEeeep! How cute is this?
It's wacky and original and just the sort of joyful object that is borne from crafty playing and a good set of cute buttons. I don't think RubyReloved is selling these but.... maybe you could persuade her?
 And... you have to look closely here for the beautiful use of  buttons but WOW! I have fallen in love with this Pippi Legged Doll in felt and buttons and pure gorgeous colour. From Jen x
 These babies are so tiny. I still haven't found a perfect use for them yet... give me time... but i think you button lovers have really beat me to it.
 Random photo of these stunning Champagne Glasses on a sunshine day. My MaFish had a birthday and we treated friends and family to good food and wine (served in colourful ware) i am thinking it is my PaFish that has infused this love of colour in me?
 Spring Colour - still loving this mix of bright Springlike buttons.
They are better than sweets. Visual Candy.
 This button is so interesting.
I am thinking this design might make a good Tattoo?
 And these babies are my bright new Pot Holders from Etsy.
I love them. Beautifully made and too good to use!!
Such kitchenware has been on my list of
"Things I must make for myself"... for an age. So i let someone else do it for me.
 You've got to love a Dachsund?
Lord knows why they are called Persnicketypelican! But there you go.
Maybe it is an American thing?
Okay, so i got this dog cushion too.
It was the colour... the visual treat! The assault of perfect colour on my crafty eyes.
Fun x

Promises, promises...

If you allow me to, and indulge me in, the scattering and smattering of button photographs today...
I will promise to take some lovely photographs of the Craft Fair tomorrow...

 I am a super busy Working Mumma - so it pains me as much as it pains you, not to have a blog smothered in Vintage Finds and Fun Days Out. I would like to write about a dreamy sunshine life as much as you might like to read about it. But right now, the sunshine in my life, must come from pretty buttons.
There are many new designs and bags already listed in http://bigfish.etsy.com/ but have yet to reach http://www.lovepaperfish.com/ - (bear with , bear with)
 There is a natural satisfaction gained from 'working'.
I do feel a sense of achievment when i make sales and earn a wage - the bonus here is that i love the goodies that i sell, so it isn't such a 'chore'. We all need monies to live by hey?
But i think this results in so much more pleasure when i do get to spend a day 'away' and indulging in Vintage rummages and coffee shop treats. Maybe that is what i think when i say "promises, promises"? - promises to myself to work hard and remember to play too?
 Selling at Craft Fairs isn't something i have so much time for now-a-days.
It takes a great deal of effort to Prepare - SetUp - Sell - Dismantle the stall.... it can be exhausting!
But i hope tomorrows Fair (see previous post) will be a good one - especially if the sunshine returns.
 Therefore - promises, promises.
If it is Sunshiney and pretty, i will share the fair here on the Blog. And that sounds like fun, right?
Still cueing up some of the blog readers gorgeous Makes! for future viewing xxx
Hope you like the new Button bags and Pretty Colours.


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