Trade Show *News*...

 Well, i had a great day at the Craft Trade Show last week.
It was great to sit and chat to my Button Ladies. It was splendid to listen to that man from Italy... i cannot remember what he was selling now but i'll never forget that voice hahaha.
Naturally, i could have spent a fortune BUT i must draw the line / bag the button somewhere.
Slowly the new products will start to filter into the shops.
 The delightful Button bag above is called the "Mary Jane Button Bag" and has 40 buttons in. 10 each of the spots and stripes in *NEW* colours: red and aqua. 2cm wide so a sweet and handy size.
 These are BIGS! and measure 4cm / 1.5inch. Whoppers! and what great colours? I loved the Red, Aqua and Raspberry the best so i am now stocking these in Etsy & more colours may follow...
 I thought i was going to like the spots best... but i don't! i find myself draaaawn to that giant candy stripe. *must find suitable project for these* but i do have a coat that would wear these beauties very well. I might stop stocking all other craft items and stick with buttons? there are sooo many to choose from. Pur delight.
 Also: LovePaperFish is carrying these super sweet POLKA PAIRS - for those of you who just don't craft 'that much' and only want 2 of each colour - but trust me, i started selling them like this and nearly every customer came back for a big bag.
Also very cute gifts for party favours at a Teen craft party.
This blog might be slowly inundated with new shop products. Forgive me? i have to tell you about them... they might be the very thing you've been waiting for?

Organic Cotton Stripe Ribbon... and work avoidance...

 Just the word ORGANIC makes me go all weak.
I swear, chocolate tastes better with the word 'organic' on the packet.
Bread has no fat or calories if it is 'organic bread'
I am a gooood person if i use organic cottons...
 Aaaah, the lies i tell myself.
The fact that these new cotton tapes are 'organic' is really just a PLUS, incase there are crafters who need / like to use very earth-friendly products or they are sewing with babies and children in mind.
I bought some because they are very pretty and have a vintage look and feel to them. is selling them as a mixed bag of 3metres - 1 in each colour: sage green, periwinkle blue and a strawberry pink. yum-yum.
I have been keen to get a bit of sewing done, just so i can use them. I try to NEVER sell a craft product that i haven't used myself. I think then iam a more trustworthy retailer? you know, i know, what i sell is good etc....
 I made a bit fat quilted Lavender Heart and you can too, if you want.
I had scraps left over from a cushion. 2inch wide strips of cotton fabric.
You can sew them together to make up a block of fabric.
I then quilted this (actually the wadding is also Organic and made with Bamboo - it is gorgeous to work with ) i just did any random quilt pattern all over the top.
 My piece was big enough to slice in half - so i did - 'just like that' - no planning or thinking. Let's just freestyle this whole thing.
I cut out a paper heart as a template and cut around it on both pieces of quilted blocks.
 Go back to PHOTO.1. and you can see i added a few embellishments on top - scraps i had from previous failed projects plus 2 small strips of the organic cotton tape. Very nice.
I placed this finished heart block FACE DOWN on top of a very loose weave fabric.
Sewing machine around the edge and leave a 2inch gap.
Turn it inside out - so correct sides now facing out.
 I stuffed these big hearts mainly with lavender - and yes! it was organic lavender.
but i popped a little stuffing in also, to help keep it's shape.
Sew it up at the gap by hand.
I also used the Cotton Tape as the final hanging ribbon and fastened it in place with a big button.

Happy Lavender Heart Gift! with lots of organic elements.

And this sobering picture is really what i should ahve been doing today, rather than quilting Lavender Hearts....
 Do think again before you assume that selling crafty supplies is all fun and games.... those packets need a great deal doing to them before they can be ready for sale.
(I am waving happily to *my best girl J* as she knows SHE is helping me out with this large task)
ToodlePip Craft fans!
I am off to do some Half-Term stuff and pop into the Post Office en-route.

MAKE STUFF! it is good for your soul xxx

1940's Night...

Saturday Night was 1940's night....
Air Raid sirens, sausage and mash, gas masks in boxes and dancing at the Local Hall.

 It was a lovely evening
(just wish i had thought to take a few more photos at the event)
 Village Hall Utility China - you can't beat it.
 American's selling Nylons outside the doors, to any lady that was in need of a luxury fix.

 Medics onhand to deal with any emergencies.
 And i waited all evening for a dance with my soldier...
This soldier belongs to another lady, but it was nice to rub against some uniform.
Ace night xxx

!!! !!!

It needs tweaking - it is an ongoing project - there is lots more to add...
i am a *tiny bit* proud of myself for this
the longest EVER shop opening

BAFTA speech: and i'd like to say thankyou to my Sister xxx (and Alan!)
and my friends who are so encouraging
and my dad - always x

Shop News....

 After lots of thought -  i have finally started putting the ETSY shops into GBP....
I needed to tie it all in better (price wise) with what will be happening in the *new* webshop.
VAT has struck me now so prices have risen - dramatically in some cases but in others, prices have stayed. This is terrible for button lovers, i know, but i am not immune to the rises in taxes.
 NEW PinWheels.... these have been in the shop for a week or so. 90 in total - 30 of each colourful design. What fun!! Good for quilts and felt but too big and blunt for delicate fabrics i'm afraid.
 Spotty bias bindings - only these 3 colours and only available by the reel. Great for those of you who make bunting and want something a bit different to trim with.
 Last.... and most definately BEST - theeeeee cutest EVER tape measures in little animal face shapes.
How did we ever live without owning one of these? i don't know.
only 100cm long but great to pop in a handbag or children's sewing kit.
Has a little button on the back to retract the tape when finished.
1 panda sold.
1 Froggy kept for me :)
i might need to order in some more....?

LOADS more things arriving.
It truly is a fantastic New Year so far

Vintage Delights... come and relax at my house...

 There's me - craning my neck to show off a very cute Swedish style messy braid (now you know i need a haricut) but i bought this very cute little denim waistcoat which was 'Cheap as Chips' and i am loving re-styling the vintage dresses with a hint of the modern.
 Not vintage at all but i got this tin of theee cutest postcards - found in a bookshop sale. Reduced from £10.00 (i know, pretty cards but seriously, TEN hard earned pounds?) I paid £2.50 so all good and i can save them for the next festive season.... or just leave them on the side looking pretty....
 Been leafing through my parents Wedding Photo Album.
Well it is my album in fact, as it was my Nanna's but i inherited (amongst other crazy amounts of STUFF that we all love to hoarde) this photo fell out of the back. Taken on a pre-marriage holiday. So bloomin cute - they have attached themselves to each other, on a jewelery chain.
 Just how young were they?
I admire them so much.
Still married after 40yrs - children have come into their life, and also sadly gone.
Money and work have been a lifelong success of building a wage from nothing.
They are the story / stories that you bring into your home when you enjoy the treasures of vintage lifestyle.

 It isn't just about how pretty things are.... But trust me, i am a sucker for something easy-on-the-eye. I find prettiness inspiring and calming and joyful. Handmade and Vintage do this for me. I don't feel silly indulging this side of me. It is my favourite side of me!!
 A handmade patchwork throw to cover a well worn, inherited, ArmChair. It isn't really hard to 'colour up' your home. Give things a try - live with it for a week or so - change it if you don't like it....
 This was an indulgence (as most purchases are, if we are truly honest with ourselves)
I could have lived without this huge wooden chest of drawers but i knew it would make my home:
 nicer - prettier - tidier!
Now filled with pyjamas, walking kit, gymwear....
It was from my FAV antiques store and is a creamy yellow colour (not apparant in this photo) with bits of peeling paint and the smell of mothballs masked by sprays of random essential oils and cleaning products.
 Giant Vintage Spool.
Sometimes i dream, at night (if i am struggling to get off to sleep) that i walk into my local Tip Shop.... and there.... i spy a box in the corner.... i stroll over.... and my heart stops a beat.... a box FULL of GIANT wooden spools.... OMG!!
 i tentaively scan the old barn shop making sure that no-one else has spotted it.
I scan for the Man in the High-Vis vest that works there *must not let him see in my face that i think this is the find of the century*
My mouth is dry as i mumble something about 'how much for this ole Tat'
I wake up - at some point i did fall asleep and i now i remember. There was no box. No bargain. Just the one, Giant Wooden Spool
Vintage Delights indeed.
It's an obsession.
There are worse things to obsess about...
My family think i am Bonkers.

ThankU xxx

Vintage Spools
Originally uploaded by kirstyfish
Sale Day was truly fun - i hope you all got bits and pieces you wanted? I think all paypal postage costs have been refunded fully.

For your informations: Many parcels will go into the post today. Then another batch will go on Friday. IF you are a friend of mine and / or have told me there is no hurry and/or i am waiting on a delivery.... you might get a parcel sent next week. I trust this is all okay with you.

Now: i have a great deal to do :) see ya soon for some VINTAGE finds to blog and a few NEW shop items.... maybe good news on the UK webshop opening date also xxx

TODAY! 8am - 8pm

Spools. Patina.
Originally uploaded by kirstyfish
FREE UK postage on:
i will refund postage paid through paypal no more than 24hrs after purchase - (this is the easiest way for me x)
Have fun - hope there is something you want!

Kirsty xxx

SALE & FREE POSTAGE day tomorrow....

Mystery Bag sign
Originally uploaded by kirstyfish
Please feel free to tweet this blog link

Share with your friends - mention it on your blogs!? i am promoting this before the big day tomorrow morning xxx
Thanku - see you at my place!

**hello** to any readers from "Cardmaking &PaperCraft" Magazine - i think we were mentioned this month :)

*SALE* the details.... the ins and outs.... what you neeeed to know....

 There will be - a ONE DAY only 
for UK customers only
(sorry Everywhere Else - you would cost me so much!)
 This applies to TWO ETSY STORES only
Folksy not included and FuzzyFish on Etsy not included
 Throughout the day i will add some 'one off' sale deal button bags
I will add them throughout the day so ONE customer cannot come in and grab all the "special deals" as this is supposed to be *fun* and a bit of a treat for UK Button and Ribbon lovers.

I shall be adding more colourful themed Ribbon Bags and one or two new items!!
If there is something you had your eye on that isn't listed it means i have either SOLD OUT of that item or am about to re-list it in the shop. If i have Sold out then i am sorry... what you see is what you can get!
 Just shop, as normal and I PROMISE to refund the postage on any items bought from either or
Trust me - i will refund postage and that will happen within 24hrs of your order.
 This deal STARTS: 8am
This deal finishes 8pm
(so you can order before or after work, or if you want to join in but have someplace else you need to be)

This SALE DAY is supposed to be fun, lighthearted and good for my business.
I also mean it to be a THANKYOU to all those UK customers who battle through and shop on Etsy even though it is all in USD and sometimes seems a crazy place to shop.
Feel free to pass on this page link to friends... tweet it... tell people xxx

Meet the Love Bug Button Bag....

 I know i should have waited.... but these arrived in a stock order this morning.
I just needed to get them in the shop before i died from holding my breath so long.
 Having *new* button stock and not telling you about, is like having a big secret from you all and i am not the sort of girl who likes secrets.... actually, iam not very good at sharing either, but there you go - pisces -pulling in opposite directions.
Teeny tiny micro dotty spotty mini BUTTON BAGs called the Love Bugs! because they are like wee little button insects (and it is the month of valentines)
1/4inch - 5mm
240 buttons in mixed bright colours.
$14.90 on Etsy at present.
They will be about £9.00 in GBP
Not cheap, i know but they are way under the RRP so you must love me for that?

It is here...

Sign for Blog
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The date has been counted and verified...
on allll orders from ONLY

8am - 8pm
Tuesday 8th February

i am toooo good to you!

{details will follow soon...}


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