Giving Away a copy of Pip Lincolne's Craft Journal, to ONE Lucky shopper....

 Just repeating my coolio Give Away Offer....
 This is a gorgeous craft journal from Pip Lincolne - you know how much we all LOVED her last Craft Book!? (esp. me) this is a great idea to follow up with. Many blank 'decorated' pages for us Crafters to make lists and sketches of our next projects... a really inspiring book.

 THIS... i loved. In the famous pip POCKET at the back, you get a big wall chart for your studio / space / forehead where you can plan and tick things off. what could be more fun???
 I do this for all outstanding projects:
1. Sketch the thing i want to make / finish
2. write an ingredients list
3. tick off what i have in my stash (go and LOOK, don't just guess!)
4. list anything i NEED to complete it.
5. Put a slot in my diary of when i will do it....
I honestly do this people, but it is my 'job' too.
 A famous Pip Pocket at the back to collect v. v. important bits in once you take your poster out.
It's all here for you with lots of inspirational photography and vintage scenes.
ONE FREE - given away to a random customer who buys anything from any of my shops until
12pm FRIDAY 23rd MARCH 2012
As a thankyou surprise to one lucky customer - to let people know, i do appreciate your custom.
I have a tutorial or 2 up my sleeve for some future posts,
so stick around if you fancy seeing me make something, that then makes you feel like you practically made it as you saw it on a blog, IYKWIM xxx
(PS YES! Those are giant 2.5cm / 1inch spotty buttons on that cake stand!)

OH MY! They're only bloomin' ace Finger Puppets..... joy!

 Seriously... do these need text?
look at those felt Finger Puppets...
I have never seen such great puppets for boys!
But then, i gave birth to a girl, so maybe i never really looked....?
 Anyway - they are awesome Finger Puppet Patterns, for sale, in
There are 3 different patterns and 3 different stories. The pictures might be self-explanatory?
Three Little Pigs
Princess & the Pea
Cool stuff for Boys - with like, a spy, a robot, a ninja, n stuff like that.
 See that little pea at the bottom of the feather matresses....? that is a finger puppet too.
I know. I did not think life to get any cuter. And these appeared!
I am dying to just shove aside one afternoon and have a play.
All patterns and instructions included - along with materials etc...
 But don't get too bogged down with the colours they suggest - RAID your stash and go crazy!
Make an Army of Robots and a Mash-up of Monsters, ready to take over the world, mwahahahaaa.
 But i do now stock *new* Felt CHARM PACKS too.
These are pre-packed. No choice of colours like other great sellers.
Just different Charm Packs with approx 15 or 16 colours per pile.
5x5 = 12.5cm squared approx. A great little stash to play with if you need a bit of inspiration.
 Playing with and sewing Felt is a joy.
It is up there on a close par with Running in the Woods for me.
(Running might just win though, sorry x)
 Charm Packs - also in FuzzyFish
(soon to be added to
They are the high WOOL% blend - lovely and thick.
Woodland / Fairytale / Circus / Thanksgiving  (a fifth set is on it's way)
All retailing at £8.00 each currently
A full set of all 5 charm packs will be retailing at £35.00 which will give you around 70 colours with over 75 sheets... approx. i don't do exacts at all. I am too scatty. So there it is.
After i make those Finger Puppets, i am going to use these for: garlands, cards and few fun brooches i have designed in my head.
Then after that, i am going to make some wool felt patchwork.... ooohhhh, no, before that, i am going to make some Easter decorations to hang on my twig tree.....

*free entry to win Pip Lincolnes Craft Journal for every customer from now till next Friday NOON*

PinBallWizard Buttons & win a copy of "Meet Me at Mikes" Crafty Journal...

 "Ever since i was a young boy, i played the silver ball
From Soho down to Moscow, i must have played 'em all.
You ain't seen nothing like it in any amusement hall,
That Deaf, Dumb n Blind Kid SURE played a mean PinBall"
Cue - guuuiiittttaaaar
 I was listening to that song as i took the photos, fer real kids!
And i thought 'yes' these pingy zingy little buttons look like they just fell out of a slot machine or a PinBall game.
They have that crazy 'i am small and bright and cute' - ness
 I supply them in sets because they are just so bright and lovely all mixed up together.
Approx a little over 1cm / 1.15?? i might supply them in single colours if there is a future demand.
They make cute additions to purses and Spring Bunny Folk.
 And, what i have been ITCHING to talk about is...
The new
Meet me at Mikes - Crafty Journal.
It is superbly gorgeous and i am going to give away a FREE copy.
I promise, over the next 24 hours, i WILL review it fully and show you the pages :)
Then give details on how to qualify entry.
Because this is such a cute book with a worthwhile RRP
i am going to reward ONE lucky customers (from any of my shops) with the chance to win.
Any customer in my Etsy shops and will automatically be entered into the free draw. As a thankyou for being such great customers.
ANY purchase made from *now* Friday 16th March - up till 12pm on Friday 23rd March
Sounds fair doesn't it??

BIGger Spoooools...

 aaahhh, hooray! Bigger spools...
Not as cute and wee as the small spools BUT
you can fit more on so they do have their use.
 You could fit fatter ribbon on these or more yardage of a thinner ribbon.
I am tempted to try painting a few too as i think they'd look funky.
 Selling in sets of 5 as they are a bit pricier - £4.70 without the Big Button
£6.70 with the gorgeous buttons stuck on top.
 Pretty playing - great for photos or for storing ribbon stash!
Also ideal if you want to sell off some ribbons and trims on your craft stall.
Greater quantities available for haberdashery outlets :)

Hey! I had a Birthday...

 Not just one, but 2 stunning Fish Women... that is my baby sister folks!
 3 too many Mojitos clearly gave me the powers to eat burning candles...
 The morning after, the morning after and Birthday breakfast with the girls...
 There was, naturally, a great deal more to the festivities than this - but i'd only bore you with all those cakes, gifts, nice food, champagne and prosecco, friends and frolics.
Listen, i really do have to go out for a bit now but
i will be back later to tell you about other *new* bits.
I have theeeee most tremendous fun in my life ya know x

Spools... Spectacular!

I did warn you....
i did say, i would spend the evening winding bits of ribbon onto spools, like little Bobbins.
You thought i was being all whimsical and that i actually had a secret life of Boys n Booze outside of this blog...
(well the Booze bit is true - guffaw)
 They are delightful! Just look at the wee cuties.
There is so much satisfaction looking at a bowl of these pretties.
I don't even feel the need to apologise for my silliness.
Pretty is just pretty - and that is that.
MrsB - imagine using these on long wire stems and popping them into bouquets? How cool would that be? and perhaps a few wire stems with buttons on too...?? Flowers and Haberdashery!!! what fun!
 And i have stuck Buttons on some of them - of course *rolls eyes - why would i own anything that didn't have a button whacked on it somewhere* tsk (pity my poor daughter who will grow up with a phobia of buttons - you've seen the film Coraline, right?)
 Anyhow - i might paint some of them too and pop a red top on and make it into a Toadstool...
I am thinking i could use these on a long necklace - just large enough to be seen but not too big as to look like an 80s RapStar throwback...
AND, ooh oooh, i am going to pop some in my Printer display tray....
This morning i burnt my toe.
I was making Granola and it is baked on huge tray in a low oven for ages - and then i have to turn it over halfway to get an even browning - and a fat piece pinged off the tray and fell into a hole in my slipper! and i couldn't get it out quick enough....
The moral of today is 1. don't laze in bed till 9am
2. my life is one long Benny Hill sketch - they should put cameras in my house - move over TOWIE
a new reality TV loser star, is born.
x x x 

Flower Crazy - yipppeee

 Flowers are one of my best selling buttons, did you know that?
I'm sure you didn't.
Probably because they are pretty and are fairly easy but interesting to use as a button?
 So i like to find new flowers for you to play with...
and i have these new sets in the shops in 14 amazing colours...
and, i think, they are a bargain!
 A spuerb range of colours to get you inspired and excited for Summer projects.
I myself shall be using these to make mini button bouquets as gifts for friends.
I think they'd make most awesome bracelets and small enough to add to cards and Scrap pages too.
AND,,,, we need to talk about the *new* "Meet me at Mikes" project,
an awesome Craft Journal.
Give me a few days and we'll get round to chatting about that xxx

Spooooool Addiction...

 Don't tell me you don't have this too....?
They are so cute!!
 Any size really, i am a sucker for it.
There is nothing that screams "sewing" as much as a spool, or the image of a spool.
I am still trying to find a good tattoooooist so i can get 'spooled' in ink.
 Delighted to have these baby spools for offer in my shops
1.25inch so really only big enough to fit 1 metres of ribbon on.
The size a Borrower might use as a seat... or a mouse...
you love them too.... i know you do!!
Also selling 1 metre lengths of this TEA ribbon (terribly Alice)
and it comes wrapped on a spool, because i can resist the charm of it.
You know i am going to spend hours tonight, winding spools with loose ribbons.

(no, i don't need a real life - i have spools)

thankyou thankyou thankyou Crazies...

 Aaaahhhh Sale Day is officially over!
Any problem postage is now refunded in paypal
Now i just have to organise and pack and post it all - bear with me!! i have to dog to snuffle with first...
 I would like to say a big thankyou to many regular customers, and new customers, who convo'd me or left me messages yesterday because it made the day fun! you knew i was sat at this laptop alllll day re-listing and helping people checkout. It made such a difference to me to have your humour and kind words :) i am not a lady who 'sits easily' and being tied to the studio all day was not easy for me.
 So, there are still SALE parcels left in the shop and they can sit there till they expire (or sell!)
Some items that were not sold will be getting donated to an awesome Art charity i know... i hope to blog it soon so you can read all about it's great-ness and why it means so much to me, personally.
 Overseas customers can now get a look in!
I am so sorry i couldn't include you in free shipping as you are some of my biggest customer base - maybe i should think of a way to thank most of you for your long standing custom (ideas head on)
 Anyway... that isn't all the fun over.... no Sirreeee.
I have a great new book to review that might get you excited... and, hopefully, inspired!
I have the new Buttons to photograph and list - i started with the new *biggy buttons* whoppers!!
And there is some Good News in the FuzzyFish shop with some very pretty charm packs of Wool Felt arriving and thheeeee cutest patterns for some bits you might want to make!?
it allllll happens here ya know!

SALE today... in Etsy shops

Sale Trio Spring Trims by kirstyfish
Sale Trio Spring Trims, a photo by kirstyfish on Flickr.

ALSO, i am soooo good to you, there are PRIZES to be won! Vouchers hidden in various sale bags to win shopping in my shops - that is muchos fun, no?


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