Some Vintage frippery....

 I had collected one or two (or three....) new old bits over the past few weeks
and it is only fair to share.
Two stunning new cookery pots which i am thrilled to pieces with.
Who knew that pots would be soooo pretty, they never go in the cupboard!?
 Vintage enamel (oh Lordy, i do love my enamel) WITH lids!
In proper good condition. I applaud the older generation any persons! who know how to Make Do & Mend.
A retro red and flower power deep blue - boil me happy :)
£7 each, one from the Brackley Antiques Centre and t'other from ebay....
(ebay being harder to buy from and find a bargain me feels)
 The JOY of Spring Tulips in a Syrup tin. 2 large bunches for £5.00 so mixed and matched 2 lots in 2 different rooms in the home. They lasted a good week and yes! "i'm worth it" xxx
(who else is going to buy me flowers?)
 So Bloomin chuffed to find this GIANT bread bin on ebay too.
with huge stencilled letters
it is a giant!!
And i got it for a song £8 there is stilll ebay joy to be found... sometimes.
 And (MrsB) i have found the only chair that is EVER going to fit in my tiny kitchen.
A retro stool in yummy Bloomsbury Green - it is a hit with all the kids (young and old) who find themselves pulled into the kitchen with a Tea Mug thrust in their hand and a tale to tell.... coz it spins round too and goes up and down (but don't tell my 7yr old it goes up and down, she has yet to discover this and is still obsessing with the amusing spin facility, pity please to my fraying nerves)
and with all this crazy training i am doing - the need to cook and EAT is intense.
I might kill another human being who happend to come between me and my morning pancakes right now.

p.s. i have the BIG SALE DAY coming up soon!!!
so plenty of posts about, what will be available and all the offers to get excited about.
: D


Xenia said...

Where did you get the teapot cookie cutter? WANT!

LPFish said...

ah, the one thing i forgot to mention!!! i meant to say - my friend LUPIN - bugsnfishes.blogspot!

Jude said...

Oh Kirsty! This post really made me laugh... vintage!!!? Your blue pot is identical to my very first set of saucepans when I got married! How old is this making me feel now? :-) lol Jude.x

LPFish said...

Oh no, risk of offending!!! Vintage is anything 20yrs plus.... Xxx but u know I use the term to mean anything second hand so am I forgiven? X

LPFish said...

ammended the post, you are right x

LissyLou said...

fabulous pots!!! what a lovely cheery way to cook xxx

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Loving the kitchenalia love!

Jude said...

:-) No offence at all!!! It really did make me laugh - and believe me, it was well over 20 years ago..... lol You were right in the first place with vintage. My daughter buys "vintage" dresses and jackets which are identical to ones I used to wear 'back in the day' when I was younger (and slimmer... hahaha) I love everything about your blog and style; please don't change anything.
My husband wants to know if it makes our marriage vintage? Jude.x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Hi Kirsty, just wondered if you ever got the scottie dog deccies I sent you in December? love Annie x

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