What's in the SALE then Kirsty?

 For the first time ever, ALL FOUR ETSY shops are participating in the sale day.
WED 29. Feb 2012 8am - 8pm
So, i am going to go through the shops and the items over the next few days if you want to get an idea of what is going to be on offer...
 Ribbons / Trims Grab Bag - hugely popular last year and these are one of the biggest value buys.
Each bag contains about 10 metres and the price per bag will be £2.20 so 22p per metre you pay.
The bags are full of great ribbons and are ideal for any sewing project, scrapbooking or even luxurious wrapping. They are in great condition and pretty colours they are just slow movers and designs i am replacing with new products.

 This is a brand *new* design that i shall be throwing into the sale just for fun!!
It will be sold at almost cost price :)
But only by the single metre so one shopper cannot snaffle the lot!
Because i want every shopper to have the opportunity to get some fun bargains. It isn't often a shop offers a sale with *new* products in too, so we want to make it worth your while.
 Most of the Ribbon Bag mixes will be changing so if there are any you like at present, they won't be there for much longer....

And big news - i LOVE this Berisford MicroDots Collection but i might stop stocking it altogether.
It is time for a big change and some really fresh new products.
 I will be offering a bag of 14 metres of this spotty dotty ribbon - 1 metre of every colour i hold.
RRP is around £10.00 for all of these and i shall be offering them to you at £7.20 per bag of 14.
A polka dot Rainbow - would be great for gift wrapping.

So even if you cannot use the FREEUK postage on sale day - you still get to grab some bargains.
I am so excited to get all this in the shop...
All usual priced products will be available whilst in stock.
So, if you want the new stock at it's full price, you can still take advantage of the FREE UK POSTAGE and pop a few things into your basket for cheapo treats.

Keep a sideways glance at the blog if you want a sneak preview of some sale Buttons...


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