In reply to 'chaotic'... and my Thrifty Body Oil...

 In reply to 'chaotic' - helllo!!!
Well, any quality branded running gear will wick away sweat and attempt to get you warm simultaneously.
I am no expert, you understand - but my top tips are:
 - don't run in the cold unless you regularly run / workout anyway coz you might not be fit enough or have muscles that are prepared for the exertion and then you'll hurt yourself.
 - wear layers. I wear my Nike running tights for all year then i might add some 3/4 joggers over the top.
I wear my thin base layer (Helly Hansen) then layer up anything on top. I care not a fig if i look ridiculous.
 - i only run shorter circuits (that pass my car) in the cold so i can dump a layer back at the car if i need to
 - i only do runs of a few miles Max in cold weather, never set off into the countryside on a long one in the cold.
 - Wear a thin hat or a headband with ear covers and some gloves, running and thicker ones. Your hands will DIE running in cold weather.
so that is that :) or just go walking! totally exhilerating!

 Here is another top tip for cold weather.... walking, running, or sitting about:
Rubbing body oil into your skin will help maintain muscle warmth. The friction of rubbing helps stimulate the nerves and the blood circulation... the addition of oil will keep a layer on top of your skin and under your clothing adding a layer of warmth... like rubbing yourself in Whale Fat, like some cultures do.
So... i saw this amazing Clarins Body Oil that smelled DIVINE and was to cost me £36.00 for a tub.
Then i thought "hold your horses crazy lady - you can make a body oil just as good"
So, i went to the Health Store and bought: some Almond Oil (you can even get cheaper oil than this it doesn't matter) and i bought 3 essential oils that i know i love the smell of and that i knew would blend well together - Jasmine, Lav and Orange. cost approx £30.00
I played about filling half an old bottle with oil and then adding drops of essential oils till i had a combination that seemed good.
Voila.... i have been luxuriating in it ever since.
I rub this all over me before i get dressed for running and i rub it all over me at night too.

Then i made a room fragrance: using water / gin / essential oils from the same batch.
i now have 3 bottles of expensive essential oils that will last me for ages.
so, hey, there is a post fullest of Top Tips :)


Betty said...

Taking a walk I can do, yes I can do that. Making the oil - well I would LOVE to try that - what a fabulous idea - I would quite like to smother myself in this invention at night to soften my withered pre-old lady skin and send me off to sleep - thanks for the idea. Betty

LPFish said...

awww, if you know what oils you like it is so easy and very good on the pocket :) i make pillow mist for my daughters bed too xxx

LPFish said...

or do it with a friend and buy 2 oils each and do swapsies....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips :) I am not good with oils, although once I got this nice oil from Bali and it's great for skin and relaxing..mmmmmm

Mrs B said...

Looking lovely, lob! Send me a bit of whale fat??! It's arctic out there!! Xxx

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