London Calling for 2012... Full on gorgeousness in the way of Ribbons!

Awwww, i am loving these ribbons and especially in this set of 3
London is pretty cool anyway, you agree? it has vibe, history, a certain degree of "cool"
but especially so in 2012!
We have lots to get groovy about this year...
 So the BigFish store is selling various sets of these Trims in 1 metre lengths.
I am selling a few of the Union Jack colourways by the reel too and they are selling like hot cakes.
 I am thinking: Brooches and Bunting and embellishments...
cardmaking, scrapbooking...
Cake Toppers and... wrapping around our semi naked selves?
 So, London is Calling for 2012
I am quite good to you :)
hee hee x x x 


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