Boring you with more SALE details...

 And it continues...
Because it is nice for you to be prepared, no? i may have nothing in the sale that you need or want?
There will be random bags of buttons that are the same and these might be 'one-offs' so first come = first serve, around £1 per bag.
 There are 1 or 2 bags of these Polka Dot Buttons. They are called Wedgewood and they are the one colour i do not stock - it is a lilacy / blue colour - drop down cost price if you fancy something different.
 There are bags of buttons that are really different and and won't be repeated...
I think i have 7 bags of these great Fuscia and Aqua Flowers to sell on.
 I have a few bags of Stars to sell, but i can't find them!! so i best seek them out...
 There are currently 6 packs of these GREEN MIX mini spot buttons.
They are great to add to your LOVE BUGS mix from the shop as we don't currently have green in the mix.
They will be £3 each, well below RRP :)
 These are in the shop already at a bargain price - limited time only
 A few bags of these great Alpha Beads - in the black & white and popsicle colours
i just adore these and i love making Brooches for children with them.
Super Cute x x x
Exciting news is... the *new* stock for March has started to arrive so it needs to get sorted and counted and bagged and priced and i can tempt you with a few new ideas.
There will be funky new buttons and the FuzzyFish shop has some great products to 'oooohhh' at later on in March...
see you on WEDNESDAY!! x


Highland Monkey's said...

Hi, do you still have the bright blue and fushia pink buttons left?

LPFish said...

everything will be in the sale tomorrow = but i will keep adding bits to the sale throughout the day as it will take me ages!

Ming Zhang said...

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hou said...

everything will be in the sale tomorrow = but i will keep adding bits to the sale throughout the day as it will take me ages!
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