PinPots & NeedleBooks & PaperFish Pretties...

 These PinPots are one of the first designs i started selling on Etsy,
Crazy to think how long ago that was now!
The pride i have in my design is that i am still making and selling them today.
They are such a talking point at Craft Fairs because they are cute and tactile and bright and functional!
People like that :) I like that! and that makes me feel good about my work.
 I still love making them and mixing up the colours and patterns.
In fact... i am still using the first one i ever made!! that is my own testiment to how the quality of handmade does (or can & should) stand up to timeless use.
So, these are not in the SALE as such because i sell these at £8 ecah and that is pretty reasonable for an item that has alot of fiddly time put into them.
You can however save money because they are in the FREEUK postage offer.
So, if you have fancied a PinPot in the past but the postage bumps up the price then
WED 29. FEB - is the day to take advantage.
See all my shop feedback for very happy customers.
 NeedleBooks - again, i boast here *if i may* that the design is my own original design and has changed very little since the first one i ever made. I am most proud of these because they really work - and are so versatile with their metal bookring. I was worried the metal would rust over time and bleed into the fabrics BUT, again, i am still using one of the first NeedleBooks i ever made - years and years since.
The NeedleBooks are £11 each - that is quite a bit of money for a needle storage case but it will last you forever if you look after it and you can see the work that has gone into all the little deatils.
FREEUK postage - throughout the day.
 Mini Tags - anyone can make mini-tags and i include them in my PaperFish shop because they can inspire people to make their own cute pieces. But these are already made up for those of us who just want somebody else to be organised for us!! easy peasy and very cheap. Great to keep in a drawer for gift wrapping or use them on children's party bags etc...

PaperFish really is the heart of what i do - how i like to design and make but i have increasingly had to put this element of my business to one side. I find it really hard to make a living from my own designs. It takes a great deal of time to design, produce, market this side and i have often thought about closing the PaperFish Etsy shop.... but seriously? i think it would break my heart...
 I found myself selling supplies on Etsy not so very long after i opened PaperFish for the handmade pretties.
People were asking where i got my supplies from...
and i had taken a long time finding good supply shops and buying in bulk to reduce my cost prices.
It seemed a 'no brainer' to open the supplies shop.
Don't get me wrong though, it isn't easy to sell 'anything'!! everything has a plan / a campaign / an element of risk....
sometimes i buy stuff for me and never use it - sometimes stock arrives and i think "it won't fit with my style and ethos" so it sits in a box for months on end...
So: SALE wise - there will be a great deal of Bias Binding.
the odd Tool,
Some really obscure bits n pieces,
some tape measures maybe,
a few buttony tins...
all these pieces that i have collected but never found it easy to sell or have never got round to 'launching' as it were. I implore you to take advantage of all this that gets listed in BigFish and PaperFish.
I am selling them to make space for new items and a more cohesive supplies collection.
FREEUK postage - do quote this at checkout
And cheapo supplies....
WEDNESDAY 29. Feb - come & play on etsy
thankyou for reading my sale details - i hope there is something you can take advantage of and enjoy xxx


Xenia said...

Oooo, are you selling the whole punches too? If not, may I ask where you purchased yours?

Kit said...

Love your pinpots :o)

LPFish said...

there is one hole punch and it is the tiny hole in the picture 1/18th size - it will be for sale on WED in the etsy PaperFish shop....

Chloe said...

This may sound silly... but what do you type in to participate in the sale day :) I'm not very good with computers! :) I really love your work!!!!

hou said...

there is one hole punch and it is the tiny hole in the picture 1/18th size - it will be for sale on WED in the etsy PaperFish shop....
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