Hey Kirsty!
Where ya been? whatcha been doing?...
Well, it's like this:
 If you 'get' running and that, then you'll 'get' how exciting all this new kit is.
Headband with ear covers...
Winter Running Hat...
New Nike socks
 People at the School Gates:
"You are never running in this weather???"
ya-huh. Of course. I'm an addcit.
There is nothing more fun than running on a hugely cold day and watching your breath freeze. That cold pull on your lungs that makes you realise you are positively inviting Bronchitis.
 And weird running gloves make excellent hand puppeteering....
But, even if you don't 'get' the running, you will def. 'get'
70% off..... pure Sales joy.
And here is a cute photo of my dog.
(awwww, he is so fluffy and fuzzy and he smells nice coz i showered him and he isn't called Hamish or Jack, he is called Mr Scottie Baggins and i love him terribly even though he does misbehave somewhat - or maybe because he misbehaves somewhat and i am a sucker for a cause...)
 And i have mostly been: Running, Body Pumping, Gyming, Fat Attacking, Army Training and Dog Walking.
I know.
Because i am an addict.
But i have also been doing Union Jack stuff, in anticipation of
2012 - go GB!!!!!
So, that is that.


Anonymous said...

Great! I have been wanting to go back running especially when it's cold like this!!! Just wondering what type of running pants are good for winter but I won't feel suffocating from the sweat or start feeling too warm? Trousers I mean? Also, any tips on what tops I should wear cause I don't want to dress to light or too warm. I am so used to running when I used to in warmer climates as oppose to colder climate. And well done on your running gear bargains!! Those are always fun to get. I still have yet to use my Nike air running shoes!! :)

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