Jubilee Bows and Owl Trim

 uh oh, P.S
also great for cake toppers = these mini fabric bows!
Cute, no?
 I love these. They are so London and definately what 2012 is about.
A bit of pride in our Nation and all that it encompasses. A bit of support for a Monarchy - that i do believe, generates much more money for the UK in Tourism than it spends. Sorry, that is my stance on the Royals.
 And my less controversial opinion on owls.
I live in "Owl End Way" so this trim is just gorgeous in my opinion.
Promise i will blog something clever and noteworthy soon...
(Ok, like i ever have blogged anything of the sort.... but maybe some more great cooking)


Anna @ Miss Beatrix said...

Love the owls!

LPFish said...

: )

Kit said...

ooh lovely I hope these are in your shop!! I will definitely be getting some of these come payday :o)

LovePaperFish.com said...

ahhh, payday. I want one of those :) xx

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