Holiday Cheer... it's all about the Edibles here...

 If you could smell my house right now.....
Oh.  My.  Lordy.
If you could smell what i can smell, you'd probably propose to me. Even though you are already married.
It is the power of the Pickle.. and the Spices.. and the Sloes....
2011 is all about the Incredible Edibles!
 Having re-discovered Milton tablets, Sterilising equipment has become a joy.
A nice big bowl with a few Milton tablets and you can sterilise the funnel, sieve, jars, spoons.
It fills me with a little more confidence when i know everything is bleached to within an inch of it's inert 'life'.
 I've gone all Delia this year. I got her book at a Car Boot for a bargain. Very happy with my wee self.
And she is doing me proud thus far.
Pickled Pears, by rights, i should have done a bit earlier than this but Pah! i left it late.
I am so exciting about these with a Cheese Board and the Cold Meats. Yum.
Mainily pared pears and spices with Cider and White Wine Vinegar but i put a generous glug of Gin in too.
There was talk of late that, I might have begun listing 'DRINKING' in my list of "top 5 greatest things to do"
i swear it's not true - this recipe can take some Gin. It's all good.
 The Sloes have been steeping in their sugar syrup and gin solution for many months now - not the recommended 12, granted. But are now drained and bottled, ready for the various occasions that are upcoming. I have already finished a bottle of my Damson and Apple Gin - now that is a heavenly concoction i should not be left alone with.
 Let us gloss over the marathon of children's 'Magical Sandwiches' for parties, Cinnamon cookies and other such treats. It is like a Mother's obligation... except if you are my friend Mel, who put her name down for Ready Salted crisps for the Children's Party.... what is the matter with me? why didn't i do that?
There was a tricky moment with a cheese sandwich yesterday, when Lucy asked me:
 "Why is the sandwich magical Kirsty?... because it has glitter on it?"
"yeesss Lucy (10 other children listening) that glitter is the magic dust that makes Rudolph fly on Christmas Eve"
"Will we fly on Christmas Eve too Kirsty?"
"eerrrmmmm..... yeeeesssss, you might....."
PLEASE KEEP LUCY SAFE on Chritsmas Eve. Tie her to the bed! There may be magic afoot!

 Goodness only knows what will arrive in the Food Delivery on Monday Night?
I am hoping to make:
Leek & Blue Cheese Tartlets
Salted Pecan Fudge Squares
Waffles and Hot Choc Dip for Breakfast (ala Jamie Oliver - oh my!)
Slow Roasted Honied Figs
 - i am more of a support act to the main event over this gluttony fest.
I am happiest with this role.
 And look at this wee gift from a friend!
"I'd love a Babycham" - cute (wait till i show you the glass!)
Friendship is one of my next thoughts. I have a great deal to say on the subject.
Pears - done
Sloe Gin - done
Gotta get a Wax in an hour OUCH! The Christmas Dinner Dance is this Saturday.
Can you believe i am going alone? We have a great table with a hilarious bunch of School Run Wino Chums and food lovers. It is with a deep breath and an "i'm a big girl attitude" that i can go the Christmas Dance like Cinderella and say "i'm not single, i am surrounded by people i love"
chat soon.
Whoooop! i'm on a high today!


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Fishy, I have a cold!
Can I come rounds yours for a pick-me-up?
Can bring sticky gingerbread....x

LPFish said...

yes. do. where's your blogging lady? xxx

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Been far too busy having fun making etc and if truth be told generally cannot be arsed with blogging!
Have plans for a show and tell soon minus spoilers if I manage it before Chrimbo.
Have to show my fabby A4 g/bread man and the pirate, dead&alive reversible regular ones made by my boys! Ooh and my buttony tree, decs, etc etc. I should be sponsored by Paperfish!! (I wish). XX

P.s I too will be flying on the 'Eve, not from magic
dust but from the red wine[s] I'll be partaking in with friends!

Mrs B said...

oooooooh that is all just Mrs B heaven!!! x

lovely lovely x

Betty said...

Hope you have lots of fun on your night out. Your festive makes look delicious - I made sloe gin too and just opened it for a tipple tonight - strong stuff!

LPFish said...

whhhhhoooop! Sloe Gin!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Yum Yum Pigs Bum!! Have a wonderful Christmas and a fulfilling New Year in which all your hopes and dreams come true! love Annie xx

Sconch Textiles said...

You have got me all flustered now and in a panic as my Christmas Edibles haven't been started! Just 9 more orders to get through and hand deliver, then I can start! Aaargh! Have a lovely Christmas :)


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