Embroidery Hoop Decoration detail

 I had a mad 20 minutes last week when i decided to make this set of co-ordinating hoop decorations.
I have a box of these pretty hoops sat waiting for some various tasks...
and i also had a bag of scraps from my bunting making session and always i have little baskets filled with bits n pieces and scraps and ribbons and stuff i made or stuff i bought.... STASH! you know how it is.
 So, they are 3 different sizes and i hung mine as above, getting smaller. You can hang them anyway you like though but i like the 3 different sizes.
The first was so easy. I literally sewed up some long strips of leftover Christmas fabrics. I have used these fabrics and colours elsewhere in my Xmas Decorations so i knew they would fit in with the general home decor theme (if i have such a thing)
 The second two, i then stretched over with matching / co-ordinating scraps.
I have sewn the back of these like you would if you were making a yo-yo / suffolk puff thing. Whipped it round the edge and pulled it in tight - i can do you proper tutorial for some Spring versions after Christmas? Give you some real notes amd photos on exactly "how to" ?
 Anyway, the moral of this semi-tutorial is thus:
1. I decorated the hoops AFTER with the embellishments as they were easier to sew on once stretched in the hoop.
2. i did not plan it at all and just saw whatever happend. I like to work this way
3. it took about 20mins- seriously. 30 mins to hang it too.
4. it is dead easy and you can even take these out and change them if you want.
5. hang yours thus or differently or make a set of 5 or just a few small ones... whatever, it'll look good :)

 I am going to list these exact sets of 3 in the shop (hopefully both etsy and LPF by the end of today)
 But it is a bit close to Christmas now so, prod and remind me we can do this again in detail ready for Spring / Easter. I will be having a sale around February time so i may chuck even more hoop sizes into the mix ready for February...
 If you already have a hoop or 3 hanging around at home, why not use some cute Christmas Ribbons to embellish? My Artisan Bunting below is just an example of different bits and pieces you can add to your hoops.
Merry Front Doors
Happy Last Minute Crafting
and Annie.... THANKYOU x x x


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