Advent indeed....

 Dear Friend,
I am far more full of 'cold' than i am of Christmas Cheer this morning.
Never-the-less i am joyful! and replete with the excitement that Advent morning brings.
 And you are so right, of course!
To be gentle with oneself and not to keep demanding more. Put less expectation on 'what fabulousness needs to be achieved'... and to actually enjoy what fabulousness is already here.
They are abundant and overflowing and the regularity of Christmas is so reassuring.
You are right, again, on every level.
I have done none of my shopping - none of my baking - none of my own making.
I care not a jot.
 The Angel Costume was hung up in the School Hall this morning with her name and class written boldy.
The Advent Santa was full on the advent surprises.
I have cocktails on Saturday Night with my local Girl Friends.
My dog thinks i am beautiful, even sat here in my tracksuit nursing the stinky cold.
And i can - just about - stomach my seething jealously of your Avent Elf  House for yet another year.
(they never made another as pretty and perfect as this)

Secretly you see, we instil the magic of Christmas into them, so they can keep it going for us when we run out of steam! Clever Mummies xxx have a Gluh Wein for me?


Betty said...

and I am holding back seething jealousy that you and Mrs B are good enough friends to think 'what's a stinky cold germ between get to have christmassy get togethers, a share of the Elf House and crafty/inspirational chats... your post is a great reminder that friendship is the most valuable thing in the world and so, my friend, you have it all! x Get well soon.

joanne said...

That advent elf house is amazing.
Just to let you know I got my book yesterday, and it is wonderful.
Thanks so much, hope you feel better soon.
Remember a Hot Toddy is the only good cure for a Christmas time cold!!

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts/crafts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)

Mrs B said...

....oh my heart! Christmas is not Christmas without you! haven't we made fun ones? Can you believe how much the babies have grown? Another year forward Lob! xxxxxxxxx

LPFish said...

blogger is not letting me leave blog comments at the mo... trying again!


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