Christmas Detail...

 This time last year, i had only just turned my life upside down and moved into a new home.
Everything seemed like "just keeping up" then. Life is equally as hectic now but i definately feel more settled so the house had a decent decorative make-over this weekend...
 Having friends round for Tea / Coffee and Christmas Biscuits today, was a great excuse to tidy up! and get the Christmas Details photographed. I just had so much fun tinkering, playing, hanging, making...
 Every year my daughter gets so excited that the Christmas China is out.
Somehow it makes every mundane activity seem a bit more magical.
 I never make Gingerbread mid year - but December aches for a sweetly coated cinnamon and ginger treat.
You cannot beat a bit of food sparkle. Seriously, every meal should have fairy glitter on top.
 I found this Blue Scottie fabric i had stashed away in the cupboard so i ran up some crazy bunting with hege bells on and i am so happy with it. I have gone quite Aqua, Red and White this year, despite my intention to stay like a Nordic Gnome. I am no believer in a Christmas Colour Theme but somehow, a theme tends to emerge on it's own.
 I love getting the tree out. All these LEDs help to fend off any Winter Blues.
And all those toys help to hide the weighted base on the tree.
Utter Joy.
 And a Robin Mug filled with Candy Canes that are making my teeth fall out just looking at them.
At the end of school i shall hand them out to some little local friends : )
 A beautiful Robin to remind me of my Nanna.
Thank you dear friend - it was so very thoughtful!
Collecting the Christmas China is an ongoing joy.
And just when i think i own 'enough' then i will be 80yrs old and ready to palm my old fashioned hoarding onto unsuspecting recipients.
aaahhh, i am feeling so very Christmassy now.
x x x 


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Kirsty, I have a Christmas deccie for your Scottie boy! Can you email me your address to TheFeltFairy [at]

love Annie x

Mrs B said...

haha!!! I want to be there!! raise a glass to me won't you! x

ps bunting is FIT!

LPFish said...

annie.... whoop!! ok yes please : )

B... did u get my email last night? u inspire me xx

Betty said...

Kirsty you have fabulous decorations and your bunting is beautiful. I love your colours and style. Bettyx


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