2012... Say YES!.....

 I generally have just ONE
New Years Resolution for 2012...
 It is the Mantra that is going to guide me through a fantastic year (i hope)
 Saying "yes" is an attempt to put me out of my comfort zone
to welcome new opportunities
because i have a tendancy to hide away from life
(and just poke my head out into the blogosphere and back)
 I mean to be slightly 'measured' in this though.
I am not 'yes-ing' in gay abandon to all and sundry....!
But generally
will ensure i have a more exciting year than one in which i say 'no' more often than not.
"yes"  "thankyou, i will"  "yes please" &  "see you there"
 x x x


Mrs B said...

ya-ha it is the year of YES!


Just Jo said...

What a fantastic positive attitude to start what will be a great year.
All the best to you and your YES in 2012.

LissyLou said...

I am already good at saying yes - i am not one to turn down an invite!! i hope you get on well and have fun.


Faith said...

Good on you, I want to say yes at the times when I know I can do something but am too much of a scaredy cat to admit I can.....oooooh, scary stuff....but imagine what you could achieve in a year....happy new year!

SallyF said...

Funnily enough I am just reading the Yes Man at the mo. It's a good principle x

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