What I wore at the Weekend...

 Oi Oi, Outfits Ahoy -
what i wore at the weekend only really matters because it means i had nice things to go do :)
So, please be upstanding for my new Dickensian Boy Shorts in Tweed! *love*
They make me want to 'talk cockney' and quote "Oliver" at opportune intervals
(much to my friends' amusement... or not...)
 Also sporting a newly cropped and mega blonded ruffle hairdo.
Vanity wins HANDS DOWN where a good haircut is concerned.
I feel 'dressed' in my PJs if my hair looks decent.
 I missed the apron shot, where i am making up some bottles of Sugar Syrup ready for Cocktails.
Shaker, courtesy of the WI Jumble Sale last month...
 Saturday Night Cocktails round H's in 'The Lane'
We love you H - you are our local scocial hub and we'd go nowhere / do nothing without you.
Thank you for washing up all those glasses and letting S dance on the Wii to Katy Perryt till 2am
x x x
 Honestly, i should be paid to shake these babies...
"French 75" was by far the Winner:
Gin, Syrup, Lemon Juice & Champagne - over Ice
oh yes.
 Believe it or not, Sunday morning started with a 5k run.
Me and the dog ran it in record time and it was a 'good un'
so, running kit is also on the outfit list.
 Then, Sunday Lunch in Beaconsfield with the extended family - what a treat!
SeaBass in creamy Fennel Sauce, mmmmm
Wearing a long Cardi with 70% Alpaca!
I swear, it's not 'what' you wear in Winter, that matters. It is the Wool Content.
This was like wearing my bed for the entire day...
 Indeed, after that dinner, a Chocolate Brownie and a few bottles of Prosecco,
i did fall asleep all the way home. Thank goodness my Dad was driving.
Animal print Scarf? and abundant Silver? Oh yes.
So, that is what i wore this weekend, mostly.
And you probably don't really 'care' but i told you anyway
HOPE U R not tooooo cold up North?
 x x x


Mrs B said...

Ha!Ha! I wore shorts too!! Dark denim. Thermal tights (these are a revelation) With a classic camel coloured cashmere roll neck! Nice and snuggly!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

You are a stunner! x

LPFish said...

oh Annie! tsk, not at all x
Cosy clothes rule the day!

Flying Blind... said...

Looking like a cute weekend x

meplusmolly said...

loving you! xx

LPFish said...

loving me, loving you, uuhhhhuhhhh....


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