Winner * Winner * Winner... of Pip Lincolne's gorgeous new book

 It is Sunday... and i was just about to walk the dog....
then i thought, i shall draw this GIVEAWAY Winner now, or it will never happen!
 So: *drum rrroooolllllll*
It is YOU Joanne - - from this place here
and Jo has 2 sons and a daughter and has been finding the time to do some very cool Christmas Crafting.
She shames us that she can find the time! Please go and see her amazing knitted NOEL letters. I am in awe of her talents.
I do not *know* Jo so it all Legit. like. But i know her now :)
Well Done my Lovely and i do wish everyone could win it though.

 And i thought i would stuff this little lot in to show you something new and wacky i made t'other week...
 It is a felt 'Paper Chain'
and i find it so amusing that my business is actually called PaperFish,
there is very VERY little to do with paper in anything i do....
Even my paperchain is felt!
This was hugely time consuming and it took me around 2 hours to complete a piece of chain barely over 2 metres long. Tcha, but it was very satisfying!
I might try some more colourways and styles.

Ya know, i have so much more to talk to you all about.
2012 is going to be so big for me. So special. i can just feel it!
And i am so grateful that people pop in, read for a bit, enter the giveaways and like sharing all this stuff too. ThankU xxx


joanne said...

Argggggh, you have just made my Monday morning. Saw that you had posted, was reading through, then realised that it was MY name!!! Read back twice just to check!!
I can't believe I have won that gorgeous book. Thanks so much xx

Marie said...

that's great to read you !!!!
I really hope you have a fantastic 2012 and full of happniness for youa nd those who make your life gracious!
I would have loved tpo be tHAT winner...anyway, some other time... I have won one :P
Keep posting beautiful things!

LPFish said...

aahhhh, Joanne, thought it would be a nice surprise! my email:
and send me your address :)


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