LISTen, i know you are equally obsessed with List making as I am.
I have lists for EVERYTHING
Some are just dotted down to help me organise my thoughts
Some are actual longer-term lists i am working through...
 I have a notebook in my shopping bag that has lists of every measurement of every room in my house,
all the walls and the windows... just incase i see some bargain homeware and i need to know if something will 'fit'. You can suggest the term OCD if you want, but i won't listen.
Organisation is the key to any efficient lifestyle.
I am currently on the lookout for a huge picture frame that i can spray paint and turn into a noticeboard
(to display my lists, obviously)
House measurements and needs List
List of things to Sew for my home
List of things to buy next time i am in town
List of accomplishments i want for my business
List of phonecalls i must make and bills to pay
List of food from the supermarket today
List of improvements i need to make to all my webshops
List of new training exercises i want to try at the Gym
List of plants that might work in my garden
THAT Amazon List - you know you all have one...

Happy 2012 - go make a list!


mad about bags said...

I've just started a notebook for my list, so far they are just crafting ones as I've joined a monthly make challenge, but I do like the idea about room measurements might have to add that to my list of lists!!! Happy list making

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

'The' best excuse for a fabby notebook!!


Pink Milk said...

There's only one resolution on my New Year's list and that is to start writing more lists.

OCD? Au contraire - having all your house measurements to hand is a BRILLIANT idea.


LissyLou said...

This made me chuckle as I went round my house last night with a tape measure little notebook and pencil and measured everything! It's a great idea x Any news on photography project for us ?

Mrs B said... that a Sylvannian court case, going on?!


Paint Pots and Petals said...

You have just made a list of your lists - bless. x I list too, and often lose them, make another, then I find them and have duplicates!! I did spend one day in the run up to the hols with a list permanently in hand which I would have melted down without. Lists are Lifesavers!

Sconch Textiles said...

So glad I am not alone in my crazy list world. I write lists and then write lists of the lists so I know which ones to look at when...

Sam x

Anonymous said...

Gotta love a lotta lists!

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