ahahhahaha ha - webcam hi!!

ha ha ha happy weekend!!
I had so forgotten the joy of the webcam till 20 minutes ago.
LOOK - i am a real person :)
I have to my Pip Lincolne book giveaway and not be mucking about on here,
tsk tsk

(it's me though! tee hee)


Jen said...

ahhhh it's so nice to hear what you sound like in real life! you have a lovely voice! Xx

LPFish said...

oh thankU but i get all silly!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Hello - virtual waves to you x

Mrs B said...

gahahahaaaaaaaaa!!! *falls about chortling at you*

....so nice! And so glad tis weekend! we've had a week that managed to include hospital admission...urgh!

love you!!


Betty said...

It's lovely to hear your voice! nice to 'meet' you!

LPFish said...

tee hee - i challenge you all to a brief webcam interlude!!



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