Tomte / Tomten... warning: could be addictive!

 Some of you will be thinking "what the foolhardiness is Tomte all about?"
Some of you will be saying "oooohhh i love the Tomten!"
Think: Gnomes, Scandinavia, Nordic, small Elven folk
If you like the Moomins and the such - you'll love this colourway / this theme.
 I have just ordered this: The Tomten - Astrid Lindgren; Hardcover
She wrote Pippi Langstrumpf

and so begins yet another brief obsession.
I am going to try and dress in these colours over the Winter and fully embrace my inner Scandinavian.
**wish i had the long blonde hair and even longer legs**
Think of me in my mock Pine Cabin, as the snow gently falls, wearing my knitted Reindeer jumper
"yurder hooden janksisit faaa"
And my home thus decorated in Red, Grey & White
 NOT content with yet another Button Wreath in, yet another amazing colourway...
i decide to make myself a matching Button Bouquet for the Sitting Room.
 EEeeeeek - i was terribly happy with myself about this :)
*rosy glow*
Displaying my bouquet took a few minutes of titivating.
I had no vase small enough so i used a vintage Milk Bottle and pushed it full of matching Felt balls...
 And finished it with some snowy pom-pom trim and a big red bell.
It really is the simple things that colour a lady happy
and you'll see what  mean...
 The Balls, i have been selling in a Tomte set for a long time
and i do intend to make a matching garland with some of these - if i don't sell out already
i know it looks like i spent all day messing about in tomte world today
but i did do other things too....
 x x x


meplusmolly said...

Love x

LPFish said...

thanks xx

poorrobin said...

LOVE this color combo! :)

LPFish said...

Oh me too love x

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

So glad to have found your blog today! I love all your crafty goodness and will be back to visit again soon. :-)


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