Always Last, that's me....

 Wooden Buttons!! yeah!!
A departure from my usula "brighter is better" campaign
A mix of Wooden Buttons in the shop.
 As ever, i have bought these as i have a great project in my own mind for them
(2012 projects, don't ya know)
But i love them and so they are going into the BigFish shop straight away.
 Ever obsessed, i have yet another colourway for the Button Wreath - Winter Wonderland
This is actually my Daughter's favourite so she tells me. Now, if you knew her, you'd be surprised by this!
 Ordered more Xmas Ribbons at the Last Minute too as i sold all the reels to local peeps.
I am never, NEVER organised enough - no matter how hard i try.
I really really try...
aahhhh well.
I have been to a Zumba Class today and thrown myself around like a lunatic.
Tis the perfect remedy to creative uber-energy and helps me settle to some work.
 x x x

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meplusmolly said...

oooooo loving these new wooden many possibilities x


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