GIANT bells...! i could not resist...

 These are surprisingly large bells!
About 80mm which is well chunky and bell-y
 I have a few Silver and a few Gold so i popped them in the SnowFish shop as they are Christmassy.
So if you fancy one or two, go ahead £2.80 each
Thread a bit of ribbon through and Voila!
Add to your own project or hang as is....

This is a group on Flickr (for all those of you who do Flickr)
and it is a group / club / collection of photos using PaperFish products so we can all share and help advertise each other's gorgeous Crafts :) join the revolution!!!!


Anonymous said...

fishy naughty fishy - when you tell us they are available in your shop you need to put a link as to where exactly, so we can go there and buy them - silly fishy - link your links up xx

L x said...

Love the flickr group, have been and uploaded some of the bags i made for customers with the beautiful Russian Doll fabric x

steve said...

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