Trim Trim Trimmings! *new-ness*

 I missed Yesterdays Monday Shop Pimp Post as it was still the School Holidays and it was Hallowe'en AND we had spoooooky stuff to do!!
So, Tuesday shop pimp:
Gorgeous "Home Sweet Home" fabric trim with a cross-stitch style print.
Being sold with a complimentary Aqua grossgrain and red polka dot ribbon.
 Then, vintage style Union Jack Trims which is so very on trend and grrreat for any Olympia 2012 projects.
In this awesome green and silver and the traditional colours.
I am liking very muchly :)
 A a double Tartan treat too.
I bought these for making some Scottie Dog collars and my own Christmas wrapping.
There is so much you can do with pretty ribbons. They make me happy!
I love adding them to my patchwork cushions and lavender hearts.
You can use them for cupcake Toppers or cake decorating or on Taggie blankets or as hanging threads on decorations... oh it goes on and on and on and on....

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