Hallowe'en Craft Cafe

 You still have the Weekend to get Hallowe'en Crafting.
I love Hallowe'en - LOVE IT! and i don't want to hear any rubbish about anti-christianity and devil worship.
It is nothing of the sort. It is a Pagan festival full of celebration, not of 'naughtiness' but of thankfulness.
The dressing of ghoulies and ghosties is to shoooo away all the naughty spirits and celebrate the end of SummerTime, the end of the Harvest and recognise the beginning of a harder Winter.
 And children love it. The opportunity to go out AT NIGHT! or to get dressed up or to play at being naughty and fiendish... you know most adults would love this licence to Play too...
So we have celebrated in true Craft Cafe style.
We did some Ghosties on the sewing table and i have always loved how hard children try at the sewing. They are so tenacious and patient. They *want* it finished so badly.
 Paper Bags make easy and cheap 'treat bags' to collect their illicit goodies in or just feel part of the whole process (even if they are not allowed to go out treating) I just photo copied a £2 pack of stickers and enlarged them, so they could cut and paste them.
 The JuNk TaBlE
Always been the top most popular table at our Craft Cafe's.
The opportunity to build and paint for hours on end in a space big enough to house BIG projects.
It is fascinating to see how big children's work can get if you give them big tools and plenty of space. Such a liberating way to create that families at home rarely ever get (unless you get creating in the garden...)
 My nephew made the most awesome Dracula Castle. It rocked!
thank the lord for Toilet Rolls... the possibilities are endless but they do lend themselves to the making of Castle Turrets and Canon Guns.... (gotta love the Boys)
Please notice his Peg People DRACULAs along the top there, mwahahahaha....
 Some children go completely renegade.... they find items in the Craft Boxes that i never knew i had and they just go off on their own mission. This is so satisfying to watch. My job? usually to help show the best glue or tape for a particular job. And Needle threading. I spend 2 hours re-threading needles.
 Parents usually hate the painted bits.
i know, i am sorry. But it is so much fun to slap paint around.
 We love the Dads who turn up *waves at MrH in his fit hat*
This holiday we had lots of Granparents, a few Dads, a couple of au-pairs and some very excitable Mums.
It makes for an eclectic mix. There were 40 children crafting, including mine and my extended brood.
 Yep, that is mine. The one with the gappy teeth just in time for School photos.
How she can contain her excitement is beyond me.
Up at 6am "Mum Mum is it Craft Cafe today? is it?Is it??"
In competition with my Nephew, she too made a huge castle with various rooms and a COFFIN! for her Bride and Groom Zombies, complete with hidden string that lifts the lid for you. *so proud* (?)
 A collection of seasonal Brooches i wore for the day...
SO it is with the heaviest of hearts that i declare this was my last Craft Cafe as we know it.
I have said a fond farewell to this sticky chaos and it breaks my heart somewhat.
It has been 5 years that i have been running these Craft Cafes.
Every Thursday in the School Holidays... and i have loved every single session.
I cannot describe how being with the children makes me feel when they are sooo very proud of what they make. It fills me with selfish joy and pride. i have loved them.
There are many reasons that make this a sensible choice.
It is just 'time' for a break. I need a break and maybe someone else would like a chance to run some workshops now? i don't know.
I am relieved at the break. These things take alot of time and effort to organise and they rely on volunteers who make my life easier and it is time i said a big THANKYOU to all those who stay and help clear up!!
You have been the BEST.

The last mini Craft Cafe will be on Sunday 13th November
11.30am - 2pm
Boddington Village Hall (upstairs)
and downstairs will be the Christmas Gift Fair with lots of stalls.
£4 per child and we will make some decorations and Christmas Cards.
a last fond farewell for me. But maybe i will find some new plans and projects?
who knows....


meplusmolly said...

I am sure you'll continue to bloom and blossom my friend. There are many more glorious projects for you to take up x

Betty The Wood Fairy said...

So glad you mentioned the point of Halloween - I get a lot of stick from people at my church for enjoying it as they don't really understand what it's all about - we have always enjoyed Halloween or Samhain as the biggy for celebrations through several generations in my family - it's the most colourful, positive, fun celebration. Your crafts look so fun I want to get stuff out and be messy too! and I love your little one's gappy grin, it's a classic. Bettyx

Anonymous said...

Hey, great blog!
Just letting you know that you have an award in blog :)


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