Sneaky Stripes... and Thursday Musings

 p.s. i did sneak these new Stripe Buttons into BigFish whilst you weren't looking.
They are the Sister Buttons to the Polka Dot Party Spotty Buttons. Same everything 'cept they're stripes.
Only available in 6 colours at present... let's hope we get the full 13 as that would be fun!
 I was at the School / Church Harvest Festival this morning.
How cute are little kids, singing about fluffy cauliflowers!?
And i found this eggshell on my walk and then i put it down next to this tiny piece of slate.
There was something so heart wrenching about seeing this egg next to a tiny stone into which my LittleFish had scratched "sorry" some time in the Summer.
She had nothing to be sorry for... but you know, eggs are the start of new birth and life.
Knowing the season has shifted again. Knowing she won't be singing in the Harvest Festival forever. That dull Mother Ache of babies growing up so fast...
 Harvest is also about being thankful - feeling grateful, whatever your religion.
The Pagans were big on the Harvest. Give thanks to the land for providing n all that.
I am so thankful for it all.
Happy insides.


poorrobin said...

A nice sentiment for a chilly, autumn day. Thankful today for a trip to the pumpkin patch with my babies. :)

Mrs B said...

xxxx but one day she will be a fabulous woman and that is an exciting thought! xxxx


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