Apple & Damson Gin, hooya!

 OMG! i mean it... O  M  G!!
This really is nectar of the Gods. I kid you not when i declare it to be
"Worlds Finest Apple & Damson Gin"
 I read something, somewhere about England having been home to the Apple Gin, many moons hence, but that it isn't really made here anymore. And last year i made the Damson Gin from my Brother's Fruits.... which was great (if i remember correctly... if i actually can remember at all!!)
And i was sat with a glut of Apples also..... and so came the Apple & Damson Gin.
 I wasn't that keen on the idea. I am not a great fan of Apple as a 'flavour' ya know? It can be a bit Apple-y.
Anyway, the fruit, sugar and gin have been steeping in a jar for a few months now so i decided to strain it and bottle it, ready for the bracing Autumn weeks ahead.
Seriously... it is amazing! so Bloooooomin YUM x
Of course it was tempting to eat the fruit..... but think about what alcoholic content it has now adopted!?
And it was a Sunday, and i had a Birthday Party 'pick up' run to fulfill....
Besides, the Damsons have stones in so it would have been a bit faffy to eat around them without breaking an expensive dental crown.
You will, of course, be pleased to know that i made TWICE as much Sloe Gin also.
It isn't ready yet, but i do think it so very important to have a second homemade alcoholic beverage, with which to perform a comparison consensus on Christmas Day....
Seriously good my friends,
seriously good...


Mrs B said...

*waving hand frantically in the air*

"I'll help, I'll help. For purely scientific, comparison testing, of course!! "


Mrs B said...

preetttttttty glass!!

poorrobin said...

I think you made the right decision on the fruit. We did an experiment in college with orange brandy, oranges and grapes. The fruit, after three months steeping in this unholy concoction, was entirely inedible.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word this sounds so tasty!! And besides, what with winter coming, fruit is great for you =P x

gill said...

I make damson gin every year but I've never tried adding apples! Thanks!
Re your leftover damsons I de-stone mine and dip them in melted chocolate - delicious!!

LPFish said...

gill!! that is dedication!! (desperation?)
The Apples made it just that bit... 'deeper' in flavour, without being too Apples n Pears.

LPFish said...

*is not talking to MrsB coz she found ACE pumkin cups in the charity shop*


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