Felt Ball Bracelets

I added nothing to mine other than the fuzzy balls themselves.
You could add buttons and decoration and big balls with small...
but i was dying to just the smallest ones.
 I have worn the grape / navy / white ones so much already
adds a bit of colour and fun to the school run clothing.
I am going to do a post later on our AMAZING Craft Cafe Hallowe'en fun but wanted to just show you these briefly.
I also have some news to talk to you about -
and i am planning on some workshops next year doing the odd fun class in balls n beads and other such loveliness.
My head is a-cracked with ideas and beginnings and ends and all sorts, but i thought i'd share these photos with you before i discussed all that....
later x

1 comment:

poorrobin said...

Ooo! Those pictures inspire me to play with balls. :)

As it were.



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