Christmas Cute...

A couple of new Gingerbread Boys on the Block.
I have changed the faces from previous years to make them a little sweeter looking.
 Peeking out of this gorgeous Christmas Tin...
 And there is, sllooooowwwwly.... a collection of Christmas Babushka Babes getting into the Christmas Shop. I have some great ideas of how to extend my Christmas Range next year.
Hey - not only am i well early for Christmas, but i am already early for Xmas 2012
(somebody shoot me!)
 Like the tin?
I adore Christmas Tins, and my real favourites are all the Marks & Spencer range.
But guess what? i don't want all the biscuits! I am a cake fan, but not a biscuit fan.
The great thing about this yummy tin is that it is empty! - some of you may think me mad, but that makes me happy :)
If you want to buy your own tin £6.95 - (without the biscuits!)


Anonymous said...

Aww these are so great! I'm totally making my own Christmas tree decorations this year =) x

Anonymous said...

you are not mad, I am the owner of a giant M&S custard cream tin and a giant bourbon biscuit tin. I don't like custard creams or bourbons, but I LOVE the tins :-)

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Hello Cheeky Gingerbread Chaps!
Too cute Fishy.
Love a tin, love a biscuit...x

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