Wool Felt Swatch... and Professional Craft Chat...

 I have cobbled together these books of Wool Felt Swatches...
I wanted customers to have a wad they could handle rather than Ickle Tiny sqaures that can be frustrating to view and impossible to 'feel'
 I have no idea how attatch the colour name to each 3x3 sqaure so i have STUCK (as best i could, with my top most sticky down pushing force) the name of each colour on the felt. Not the best soultion, but the best i can come up with, without stapling each piece.
I am already dreaming of all the new colours i want to add. And i have been having a little play with some pieces and it is oddly addictive... all that softness, mmmmm....
 I am busy People - super busy and i'd like to try and write a Blog Post soon about how hard we professional crafters work. I was thinking about it so much today. I am guilty of coming across a bit "ooh, it's so easy all this Button Lark..." but it isn't easy. There are so many tricky elements to the entire BEAST that is: online selling... original Designing & Making
 That is me :)  (looking wasted with a glass of Vino) in Craftseller Magazine - "Thankyou Alice!" i appreciate you!
and the big vain monster in my Ego says "i like seeing me in a magazine" but there is often so much more work that goes in than what you see in the pulp.
I could go on and on about the commissions i have taken for books and magazines that took my time and effort that were later CUT at the last editorial moment. Or the times i quoted a price for my work and was never paid.. and so on... it has happend to many of my professional peers too.
I wonder why i keep on taking extra work?? it can't be just my ego, can it?
No, of course not, it is LOVE of the job - like any other profession.
In my last job i did sooo many extra unpaid hours. Is that what they call a Vocation? a Calling?

Well... i am exhausted. Yet there is so much more to talk about.
I have a possible impending lawsuit... other people ripping off my designs and selling them as their own. Since when was that okay? Thank goodness for Copyright Laws that state quite clearly
"Thou shalt not copy an identical design from another professional and begin manufacturing it and selling it as your own"
LISTEN UP people: don't look at my little shops and assume i won't follow you round with a big stick!
I have got big loud friends and even bigger louder Lawyers.
Off to have a few more glasses of the Goodly Vino.


Quirky Boots said...

omgoodness kirsty, its horrid when someone copies an item of your work and its obvious its a copy! really feel for you x
a wonderful blog post though :) xx

Jude said...

I think it's the one big disadvantage of the internet, isn't it? I sometimes look at stuff and think "Oooo. I could do that". I haven't done it. Out of respect for the designer. Nearest I have come is good ideas at work, that are taken up, but with no thanks or recognition. I can't imagine having something I've made copied - it must be a heart stopping moment to discover it's happened? Hope everything works out. Hope the vino is good? :-) Jude.x

Alison Wood said...

Sorry to hear about the potential lawsuit and hope it gets sorted out, to your advantage.

Oh...my....gosh I was super excited to see you in Craftseller magazine today :-) Do I need to get out more? Yes I do, but still it was fab seeing you and your gorgeous Christmas angel. Congrats!

LPFish said...

seriously, i come into my own blogland for a group hug X

LPFish said...

i shall keep ya posted on this but it wasn't some 'hobby seller' on Etsy it is an international company....

poorrobin said...

HATE HATE HATE seeing big corporations ripping off hardworking crafters! You take the fight to them!



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