What to take to your Craft Stall...

 I am no Craft Stall Guru you understand. I don't have the 'magic touch' and nothing you or I do can ever guarantee a good Sale Takings on the day, however....
 I have a bag with me that never gets unpacked when i get home so i know - KNOW - that everything will be in there if i pick it up to go to a craft sale. And inside that bag is my essential Craft Stall Kit.
 TWO plain white table cloths (i cannot abide black velvet cloths, sorry if that is your thing)
I know a lady who used greengrocers fake grass as her cloth.... cool!
The second cloth is a spare, you'll be surprised how many stall holders ditch at the last minute and you could grab a free extra table.
 A pad and pen for writing down the sales so i can be sure to let the Tax Man know just how much cash changed hands (!)
And a packet of sticky labels to price the items. People really like to see a price without asking you... honestly, they just prefer that.
 A purse with approximately £80.00 of change in. This is a float. You know that though.
I collect many £5 notes for my float (they are rare) and i have lots of £1 and some 50p and a few £10.00 notes. Change is vital. And i re-stock the float when i get home to make sure it is all ready for the next sale.
People who know me *for real* will surely laugh at all this, as i come across very scatty!!
A stack of postcards and business cards.
Some magazines if i have been in them, just to "La-dee-da" myself a bit  :)
And a pot with:
Blu tack, sellotape, string, clips, safety pins, small butchers hooks, drawing pins
You never know where there will be space to hang and display stuff from so it is good to have bits like that with you.
I take other stuff - like Water and... stock! but that is my list of essentials.
If you are Craft Fairing this season - GOOD LUCK and have fun.
Be nice to other stall holders too. It is just better that way.


Mrs B said...

*feels better*

thank you


nicedaydesigns said...

Great list!
So true it really makes life so much easier if you are nice to other traders.

Good tip about the table cloth in case of getting an extra stall.

I do markets all the time and the only way I was able to take the stress out of doing them was to get really organised(which is not something I'm a natural at).

I wrote an article for Laura on Bugs and Fishes about markets last week...you might like to take a peek at it( I loved your colourful holly decorations!)


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Thank You! I am doing my first fair in a couple of weeks and I am a bit nervous I must admit! x

LPFish said...

good luck - really x don't panic. A fair can be great money... and very poor takings, and all that goes between!

Elfcrafts said...

Hi what great advice, thank you for sharing xx

Secret Sheep said...

wise words!

Julia said...

I love your stall layout, you make it look so tempting, hope you had a good turnout. Might come and visit you at Warwick unless you are doing any other craft fairs sooner? xx

Mollimoo said...

Your stall always looks fantastic! I wish I lived nearer so that I could come & visit & touch all of that loveliness! Thanks for the tips X

A Time for Stitching said...

Your stall looks very enticing! That's a great tip - thank you for sharing it. I'm 'collecting' hints and tips ready for when (if ever)I get around to doing craft fairs.


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