This Week, is allll shop News!!...

 EEeeep! I have been working so very hard of late.
Working on getting the stock made up for Christmas AND trying to get some of the new designs out of prototype stage and actually into 'production'.
I find this stage exhausting and really wearing - but then, suddenly, i see a stack of freshly sewn items on my table and i feeeel an achievement.
 These are Buttony hearts (also seen in a previous post)
i made some last year, for the Craft Stall and they were so popular that i got around to making more for 2011.
I have tried to colour theme them. My utter favourite is the Gingbread Heart (above) but only because i am obsessed with decorating Gingerbread Houses.
 So, there is a full set of Felt & Button decorations that *in theory* match 3 colourways:
Bold n Bright
GingerBread World
Red & White.
 But that is just like "Show and Tell" at school, because that is not my shop news.
I have a huge range of Buttons arriving, i *hope* this week.
It is good news especially IF you are a craft retailer yourself using any PaperFish Supplies for your Makes....

Watch the Blog if you are keen to know what supplies i can offer you in abundance to get all your projects ready for Christmas (come on it's never too early!!)
I shall be working on Product Information sheets for the Big Range of newbie Buttons.
I shall also try to put together a new Felt Swatch Info. Sheet as requested by a gazillion customers.
So much to do, as always, but i am wonderfully energetic and enthusiastic about this week.
I just love what i do :)
x x x


Kit said...

Love, love, love your hearts and Gingerbread men :o)
It is definately the time of year for getting Christmas projects started, I have also started crocheting like mad to make Christmas puddings and Mistletoe :o) and I agree it is sooo rewarding to take a step back and admire your hard work when you have a collection of things for your stall. Cant wait to see what else you are up to this week and what is going in to the shop...I feel a spend spree coming on x

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Hey busy lady.....loving the christmas pieces and will be enjoying you being the High Temptress all week with shop news. Have been crocheting the same blanket for EVER now and need a change, just in time for button temptation and imminent arrival of felt eh?
kiss kiss

PaperFish! said...

Satisfying Kit :)
Ali - i am making you a chart....

poorrobin said...

Loving the ornaments! I'm getting ready for what will hopefully be 3-4 fairs as well as Christmas wholesale season, so am on the edge of me seat to see all the new supplyshiny that you have coming!


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