pOm pOm Trim.... snowballs!! and a Scottie x

 Quick Flash update...
There are new prices on the 15 metre cards of pOm pOm trim.
Now available in these cute snowballs, aswell as Aqua, Raspberry and Apple - for just £12.50 for the full 15metres on a card. Awesome value. I am so happy as that makes it cheap enough to use for any  projects - or even Christmas wrapping!
Aaaah, i made a cute mini-scottie as a prototype to "see if i could"...

 Then i made my daughter a bigger version for her bed.
Randomly i had the exact same ribbon in my stash that matches his own collar.

 - "ahhhhhh" she said *sniff* "you should have put lavender in it"
ggrrr, the thing is, i thought EXACTLY that same thing when i had finished him!! tsk tsk
Another bright and linen mix Log Cabin cushion as i was desperate to try some of the new fabric stash i had bought. Now i have seen it together, i am even more convinced it needs to be made into a quilt!
That's all folks xxx


Mrs B said...

He is adorable!! I know another small girl who would want to huggle him!! X. Your so right about the quilt x

Mrs B said...


Sorry couldn't leave my glaring grammatical boofs!!

PaperFish! said...

i agree re: gramatical errors... i was wondering whether i have time to make her one, in another colour.....????


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