Button *news* Part.2.....

 Such slow progress!!
I am regretting this stock of buttons....
The above shows all 16 colours of the buttons
they come in 4 different sizes and in spots / stripes
 I am sure it will all get easier and less complicated when i have organised the stock and colours.
I love having all these colours and choices as i know, when i really *want* something perfect for my projects, i hate having to spend such time tracking down the perfect item
 I am just about to list a few bags of these mini-stars too.
a bag of 60 teeny tiny stars, maybe for a Christmas idea you have?
 I am also still working on some new felt ideas...
There must be more hours in the day somewhere??
BUT i also bought a huge new stash of Christmassy fabrics and i have some new craft ideas that i am so desperate to try out / see if they work and look any good.
Definately not.


poorrobin said...

You know I'm dribbling right now, right?

PaperFish! said...

ha!! i don't know 'how' to list them all! exciting stuff....

Lucy said...

Ooooh teh felt looks divine.. I am being very patient :D
L x


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