New Buttons *** PART.1.... Lollipop Stripes

 Who KNEW there could be soooo many buttons that we crafters could fall in-love with?
In some ways, i wish a button, was just... a button. You know?

This task is becoming bigger than i ever EVER imagined.
How can i list every option of every button available???
 I have been stocking *some* of this range of buttons for a long time
but crafty people kept asking for colours i wasn't stocking...
you know how i like to respond to your needs (okay, MY own needs)
 So, this really is PART.1.
These are the LOLLIPOP size 2.3cm
 - they are the second largest of 4 sizes.
They come in 16 different colours and you can have spots and stripes
 See below?
There are actually 4 different sizes and 16 different colours.
It is taking me so much time, but...
eventually i'll get there.
LovePaperFish will be stocking the full range and BigFish, some mixed packs i think.
I wanted to get them all photographed and listed before the School Summer Break.
Delivery was a bit unreliable though and so it will come in stages.
If you have been waiting for these - THANKU for your patience.
The BIGS are my favourites by far. Awesome awe-some buttons.
But also, a whole new size will be available!!!
The 'Drops' are 1.5cm each and those babies in stripes.... well, they are to weep over!

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