Some *new* supplies...

It was about time I feel!?
A few new supplies for the BigFish shop... I couldn't wait till i played with them myself - i had to put them up straight away!
Cute pom-poms, in 'mini' size...
Oh GOSH and DARN i love these Berry Buttons soooo much - i didn't want to sell them but i do get a certain joy from sharing my finds and saying "LOOK - these ROCK!"

I wish they had these in different colours too :(

Packs of wooden buttons - i am using these for some Folky Christmas decorations soooo i bought a few extra and bagged them up for anyone else who wants a bit of a woodland feel button.
Mother of Pearl - now, these are not made in the UK and I am not sure I ethically approve of MOP being harvested... the supplier said these were second hand from a closing down warehouse so i bought some thinking there was an element of the 'thrift' about them. Please don't shoot me....
Buttony love x x x


Mrs B said...

LOVELY NEW CAMERA SHOTS! XXXX (what can these plans possibly be ((I ask v v vv v v v cheekily!!)) come and eat out of a 'pic-a-nic basket booboo my girl!!) xxx

bex said...

welcome back to camera land!!


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