Pieces of me...

Putting myself back together again after a hectic day yesterday!
Thanks to all those who took part in the madness that was 'Free Postage Day'.
Let's do it again sometime?

HEAD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SHOULDERS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

and TOES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
(*note the bony clavicle... 'Clavicle' was one of my daughters first words, she wanted to know what that thing on my shoulder was*) x


Menopausal musing said...

Kirsty Fish, that was sooooo beautifully "done"..... glad yesterday was a success for you. Enjoy the new camera!!! :O) x

Lucy Jackson Designs said...

buttons buttons buttons, i love buttons.
thank you kirsty for the free postage, I need to get a new button box to put the new buttons in. :D

Rhiannon said...

You had a postage day? And I was out of the country?

Gosh darnit...
ps. I went to a shop you would have loved, its called Tender Buttons and is somewhere in New York - wall to wall drawers of vintage buttons. It was like the Mecca of Buttons x

That Crafty Fish! said...

new york.... x


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