I am sooo distant right now!

I feel bereft! bereaved! b-b-bloomin lousy!
My camera is broken (***Kirsty WAILS and throws arms in a dramatic fashion***)
It isn't right for someone like moi not to have a working camera. It hurts my heart.
I managed to borrow my dads for a blip of a minute to photograph some new buttons:

the RETRO BUTTON MIX!! Cute - 1.5cm - amazing colours - small but chunky (that black is a layer of the button and not 'coloured on') i am excited to see what people might make with these!!

I have been baking these gorgeous new batch of felt GingerMen and Ladies and adding some of the new buttons. Excitement! i luffs these people :)

Cheeky smiles x uploading into the SnowFish shops on Folksy and Etsy!
But no cheeky photos of the Fish or SmallFish as the camera must be returned :(
I miss blogging! I miss larking about in front of the camera ..... i have some WICKED new vintage clobber to share.... i feel a tantrum coming on (***Kirsty exits left to wail some more***)


Mrs B said...

noooooooooooooo!!! I feel your pain! I am sending get well wishes to it! xxxx

Stitches said...

alas for the camera, but yey for the new buttons...they're lovely!

Fabric Nation said...

I would feel very bereft without my camera. Perhaps smallfish can draw you both instead!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Oooooh lovely buttons, and yummy looking ginger men!... so once your camera issues are sorted are we gonna have some serious kirsty fish glamour!?

take care

bex said...

no camera?!! i feel for you!!
dont worry tho' im sure you'll find another one one way or the other...good luck!!

Lucy Jackson Designs said...


Love the buttons.
I love buttons :)

Anonymous said...

aw mate how rubbish - is it a flashy one? is it mendable? what are your plans? (I have a basicish one I don't use anymore if you need it? I can post it to ya if you email me to say yes please?) S x

Anonymous said...

woah sorry about the weird name thing that happened there - odd!

meplusmolly said...

Oooo bless you, its amazing how lost we can feel without snapping away with the camera these days. hope the pixies come and fix it soon!
Bootiful buttons though ;0 x

That Crafty Fish! said...

I was amazed at how much this has upset me - i feel totally unconnected to my cyber buddies :(

DawnWillBreak said...

Getting new buttons is so exciting! I am a button junkie, I even did a post about how addicted to buttons I am.hah. You have a great blog. So sad about the camera, my dad took mine when I had new items to list.


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