And the WINNER is...

Ummm, so.... this is what happend...
the sun came out a few days ago and, like many people in the UK, i went into a kind of 'dreamy reverie' which involved sun dresses and home-made lemonade. And... there i was playing Super Slide Water Shoots in the garden and i started thinking, this is a wicked suntan i'm getting.... and then i started wondering "who won that Giveaway i was running on the blog..." (deathly silence - tumbleweed rolls - the penny drops) OH. It's MY blog.... I'm supposed to be putting them all in a hat and drawing a WINNER!!
SO.... begging forgiveness, and a few hours (make that a day) later than planned.... we have a WINNER!!! whoop-de-doooo.
I wrote down all the entries on tiny tiny tiny strips of paper and my sister pulled one out the jar.....
And the name is VICTORIA ANN. I am pleased to tell you it was Victoria as she revealed what a rotten day she had just had when she entered the giveaway.
Thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou one and all - i really did enjoy that little game-show style week!

But i feel a bit sad too as i thought "it'd be so nice to send everybody a little something" but that would be mad mad behaviour. x x x i send you all huggles instead x
Well Done Victoria!


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Congratulations Victoria.... hurumph!

I tried to be gracious and kind... honest.... but still......



X Alex

meplusmolly said...

Congrats Victoria!
Hugs to you too Kirsty ;0 Xx

Victoria Ann said...

ME!! WOW! YIPPEE! I am sooooooo happy!

After the wasp nest saga..., the exhaust fell off my car today!, so I was truly miserable. but now a) the sun is shining and b) I WON!!!!:)

Big thanks Kirsty(Best U.K. blog) xxxxxxxxx

Jennifer Rose said...

congrats Victoria :D


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