Tuesday is MEGA craft day!

Forgive me Claire-Louise for getting your invoice wrong?! I am shattered (cue blk & white selfie shot to highlight my exhaustion)
Wearing mini-denim dress to escape the over-boiling heat here in Middle England! I am in the process of transferring aallllll the PinPots and Aaallll NeedleBooks from BigFish to PaperFish on etsy.
This is no easy task my friends and utterly, computer sittingly boring.
I did a bit of crafting every half hour or so, to release me from the boredom of bum-ache that IS sitting at the PC. I am so pleased with these 2 PinPots. Bright, Summery Sorbet colours x

And my fresh and salty new 'Seaside NeedleBook' - i can't keep all products for myself BUT i did make one of these for myself as i love beachy / seaside things. They make me feel sad that i miss the coastline but 'hopeful' as i know there's plenty of it to visit!
And, what i call, the Matroyshka Mothership!!! a prototype, One-of-its-kind NeedleBook.
I had just been playing with a new idea...

SOooooo a very boring day in many respects but it was very craft indulgent and necessary.
I love my crafty life x


Mrs B said...

oh now, I may have to have one of those gorgeous, icecreamy pinpots with the strawberries! Fit! You have such talent! just fresh and clean and new! x

That Crafty Fish! said...

>>>> runs in and snogs MrsB >>>>

Mrs B said...

awwwwwwwww shucks! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

FabricLust.com said...

Very cute, I like your style!

Karin said...

You make lovely things, even when it's in between all that hard work!

Linda said...

Love your pinpots!


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